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Storware Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365


12th May, 2022


Paweł Piskorz, Presales Engineer at Storware


What do you think when you hear Microsoft 365? Mailbox, online meetings, calendar, presentations, cloud, SaaS, OneDrive file storage, trouble-free access from anywhere.

It’s all data – information that drives your business. Microsoft cares about the security of the infrastructure, but you have to take care of the security of your data. Digital objects are much easier to lose, delete or encrypt than physical documents.

In the upcoming webinar, you will learn how to protect critical M365 applications comprehensively and how to automate processes to have more time for… whatever you need! Join Paweł Piskorz, Presales Engineer at Storware and find out how the backup will protect you from the unpleasant consequences of errors, accidents and even planned attacks on your data.