Case Study
Bank Pekao SA - the second largest financial institution in Poland

I am very pleased that with vProtect we were able to achieve such a high data deduplication ratio and the ability to recover/restore individual files.

Tomasz Chojka

IT Expert at Bank Pekao S.A.


Bank Pekao SA is, in terms of value of assets, the second largest financial institution in Poland. At the same time, it is one of the most important banks in Central and Eastern Europe. It was founded in 1929 and initially had the status of a state-owned commercial bank (it is now considered a universal bank). Bank Pekao SA provides services to individual, institutional and corporate clients, offering, among others, accounts and various types of loans.

The Business Challenge

The client wanted to secure its infrastructure consisting of dozens of hosts installed on a Red Hat solution. At the time of implementation it was Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV), later followed by: Red Hat Virtualization (RHV).

Data security and maintaining business continuity were the client’s priority. The main characteristics of the solution were to be as follows:

– integration with Dell DataDomain,

– support for container environments (Kubernetes),

– high reliability and stability,

– flexibility in scheduling backups,

– ability to easily configure backup policy,

– ability to recover quickly from a failure.

It was also important that the solution was agentless, easily scalable and fully auditable – it was very important from the point of view of the organisation’s security policy. This is essential in an era of increasing digital threats, especially to financial institutions. Here, trust and security are top priority.

The challenge was that there were no solutions available on the market that focused on securing non-commercial VMware and Hyper-V solutions while meeting all the client’s requirements.

The Storware Solution

Storware’s agentless vProtect software responded exactly to the client’s needs. vProtect is a Red Hat-certified solution that also enables data storage on Dell EMC DataDomain. Moreover, in addition to virtual machines and applications, it also secures container environments.

The architecture of vProtect makes it clear that it supports both open and commercial virtualisations under a single licence. If the client wishes to secure other virtual environments, but based on a different hypervisor, they can do so under existing licences.

Another advantage of vProtect was the fact that it offered multiple backup strategies, including Changed Block Tracking. Creation of backup policies and schedules is also simple and intuitive.

The high standard of technical support services is also an unquestionable advantage. The client appreciated the possibility of immediate, direct contact with the support team and the short response time for queries.

Finally, for Red Hat solutions, vProtect also offers the ability to integrate with the native RHV UI, allowing to manage virtualisations and backups from a single console.

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