Our vision

Ensuring data availability and business continuity at every level, in all circumstances.

What is our work philosophy? We value free contact between people, transparency and immediate access to information. We improve products, exchange ideas, solve problems, and share our knowledge. No, we are not a corporation.

Building an organizational culture is not only highlighting internal values but also the way we interact with you. That’s why our way of thinking and acting is to build a community. It’s not about being original, but about being authentic. And we want to be one.

Behind the code we’re all people and whatever we do, we do it with passion.

Storware is people!

Every company is looking for its uniqueness – Storware is people… or should we rather say Rocking Geeks?

Creative, focused, open-minded, skilled, bold, committed, expert and… modest. We play as a team, because when you create robust and uncompromising data protection software, nothing matters as much as trust. These are the foundations of Storware Backupmonster Team and the way we build a strong partnership with our clients.

Our mission is to develop best-in-class data protection solutions for all kinds of businesses. We help reduce the risk of data loss and its associated cost. Wherever you keep your data – in the cloud, on servers or endpoints – we continuously care and bring additional value to them. Storware successfully offers products through the worldwide distribution and partner channel.

About us

Our Team Leaders

Jan Sobieszczański

Chief Executive Officer

Jan is the founder of Storware, keeping business processes together, responsible for strategies and international sales, cooling down the hot brains of our techies, fully dedicated to the success of the business.

Jan is an experienced skier, drums player and the chef. Jan’s IT background refers to various management roles held in Techmex S.A., Lenovo and IBM.

Paweł Mączka

Chief Technology Officer, VP

Paweł is a visionary (80%) and a geek (20%), but first of all he is a founder of Storware, responsible for technological operations.

His work background origins from IBM where he started career as Sales Support Engineer, still studying. Paweł was dealing with design, optimization and solution implementation based on IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. Besides work and family, hiking the mountains or playing one of his guitars makes him happy.

Marcin Kubacki

Chief Software Architect

Marcin, sometimes called Mr. V., as a an inventor of Storware vProtect code, joined the company in 2015.

He’s been working for IBM and Citibank where he gained experience in virtualization and middleware technologies and obtained several certifications. In 2016 Marcin earned a Ph.D. at Warsaw University of Technology. He spends his free time taking photos and playing guitar.

Marek Bradac

Worldwide Sales Director

Marek is responsible for all sales operations of our Czech offices, which were set up in 2016, however his cooperation with the company started earlier in 2015.

Marek has rich background both as an entrepreneur and a manager. For seven years he worked for IBM Czech and CEE on various sales and management positions. Travelling, photography and golf are his passions.

Patryk Bobak

System Cloud Workloads' Division Leader

Patryk is Cloud Workloads Division Leader with a over 10 years of experience record in backup systems, joined the company in 2015.

Patryk has started his IT career path in a mainframe world, he has also experience with networking and administration, as well with storage systems. Loves solving interesting problems, spending time with family, and exploring the world. Best way to relax? Star Trek and cooking.

Angelika Jeżewska

Chief Marketing Officer

Passionate of creative non-standard communication, public relations, digital marketing, lead generation campaigns. Leader of the marketing team at Storware. She has built her marketing skills through 18 years of working in large IT companies such as Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu, Lenovo and Schneider Electric.

At work she focuses on people and continuous growth, because with a good, engaged, happy Team you can do the most challenging projects. Privately, she loves hiking, she works as a fitness trainer and also a dog trainer. Her passion is her adorable Border Collie dog named Pixel, with whom she trains dog sports. And when she has some more time she rides a motorcycle and dives.

Mateusz Maziarz

System Core Division Leader

Matthew joined the company in early 2019. He is System Core Division Leader.

Known as the “Delivery Man” – he delivers packages faster and more efficiently than the world’s best postman. Java programmer. Passionate about new technologies and Linux. He loves good movies and music.

Ilona Chełkowska

HR and Administration Team Leader

Ilona is a team leader of the HR and Administration Team always ready for new challenges.

She is a good team spirit, who many times acts as a mood manager. She has over 10 years of experience which she acquires in the work of corporations and startups. She spends her free time reading crime books and spending time with family and friends.

Maciej Muczyński

QA Team Leader

Maciej has been an IT engineer since 2014. At Storware, he does everything to deliver quality content. He is a lover of mountain trips, an automotive freak (his own words!) And a fan of driving a car without a roof. He likes detective stories. He is a perfectionist.

Łukasz Błocki

Professional Services Team Leader

Łukasz joined Storware in 2016. He has experience with backup systems, and IT infrastructure. Conducts training in backup systems. Likes good weather and cycling. In his free time, he spends time with his family, goes for walks with his dog, and also makes furniture for his own use.


Data Guardian / Storware's Pupil

Who is this cutie with sharp teeth? Wherever your data is at risk, and there is no backup policy, it appears to provide peace of mind and a backup schedule!

It is not a mythical creature – it is a responsible beast that reminds you that you live in a time when data is the new fuel. But he also has his secrets and unusual hobbies. Click icon above him and check all Backupmonster secrets. 😉

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