Backup and Recovery for VMware

Ensure the safety of your VMware vSphere and ESXi environments by leveraging the advanced capabilities of Storware Backup & Recovery. This comprehensive software solution offers a range of intuitive backup and restore features, empowering you to establish a robust protection strategy that safeguards your mission-critical business data with utmost confidence.

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Agentless Backup for VMware Environments

Storware Backup and Recovery is an agentless, stable data protection solution, providing backup and recovery for VMware VMs and all application data. It’s dedicated to VMware vCenter Server and VMware ESXi standalone hosts. Storware is a cost-effective and competitive platform for all kinds of businesses.

  • support for vSphere 5.5+
  • full and incremental backup
    (NBD, hot-add, CBT – Changed Block Tracking)
  • snapshot management
  • supported languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Japanese, French, Polish
  • open API for 3rd party software integration
  • 24/7 global support

Highlights of Storware Data Protection for VMware Environments

Easy to use and manage

Storware prioritizes a user-friendly experience by offering easy configuration options to streamline the setup process. The Configuration Wizard provided by Storware Backup and Recovery simplifies the launch and initial setup, allowing users to get started with protecting their virtual machines (VMs) within minutes. This intuitive wizard guides users through the necessary steps, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free configuration process. By leveraging the Configuration Wizard, users can quickly define backup policies, automate backup processes, and monitor the status of backups from a centralized and easy-to-use interface.

Freedom of choice

By avoiding vendor lock-in, Storware ensures that users are not tied to a specific hypervisor or backup destination. Instead, Storware supports multiple hypervisors, allowing users to protect their virtual environments regardless of the underlying virtualization technology. Additionally, Storware offers flexibility in choosing backup destinations, including file systems, object storage, and enterprise backup providers. This uncompromising flexibility empowers users to optimize their data center operations, adapt to evolving technologies, and make informed choices based on their unique needs.

Cost-effective solution

With straightforward licensing options per virtual machine (VM) or two sockets, Storware ensures simplicity and transparency in its pricing model. This allows users to easily understand and manage their licensing costs without any unnecessary complexities. Additionally, Storware provides a dedicated 24/7 support team that is readily available to assist users with any inquiries or technical issues that may arise. This ensures that users have reliable support and guidance whenever they need it.


Reduce daily management time

With the ability to automate VM protection using either custom or predefined backup policies, Storware simplifies and streamlines the backup process. Furthermore, Storware empowers users to automatically test their backups to verify recoverability. By leveraging Disaster Recovery Plans, users can validate that their backed-up VMs are bootable and free from any damages or issues before the backup was performed. This proactive approach to backup testing provides peace of mind, ensuring that the backup data is usable and reliable when it is needed for recovery.

Powerful Backup and Recovery for VMware

Open API for 3rd party software integration

Storware is designed to be self-service ready, offering an open API that facilitates integration with third-party software. With its REST API, Storware provides a standardized and versatile method for connecting and interacting with external applications and systems. This allows users to leverage the power of Storware’s backup and recovery capabilities within their existing software ecosystem. By integrating with third-party applications, users gain the flexibility to automate workflows, customize processes, and extend the functionality of Storware to meet their specific needs.

Use tags and regular expressions to simplify assigning VMs to specific backup policies

By leveraging this powerful feature, users can efficiently organize and categorize their VMs based on specific criteria such as departments, applications, or criticality levels. The flexibility of tags allows users to create custom labels and easily assign them to VMs, enabling granular control over backup policies. Additionally, Storware supports regular expressions, providing advanced pattern-matching capabilities to dynamically assign VMs to backup policies based on specific naming conventions or attributes.

Advanced task console with a global search bar

Storware offers an advanced task console that provides users with a comprehensive overview of all Storware jobs, including those that are finished, running, and pending. This task console serves as a centralized hub, giving users a real-time preview of the status and progress of their backup and restore operations. Additionally, Storware incorporates a global search bar, enabling users to swiftly locate specific items or delve into the restore jobs history.

Multiple backup strategies

By offering a range of backup strategies, including NBD, hot-add, and CBT, Storware ensures compatibility with different VMware environments while optimizing backup performance and efficiency. This flexibility allows you to choose the most suitable backup method based on your specific requirements and infrastructure setup.

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In all circumstances, we ensure data availability and business continuity at every level for multi-format data.


Storware Backup and Recovery for VMware is designed to simplify and streamline the backup and recovery processes within VMware environments, ensuring data protection, minimizing downtime, and enabling efficient disaster recovery operations.