Agent-less, VM-level
backup and recovery for VMware

vProtect is a reliable solution to improve VMware backup performance, automate recovery tests, and significantly save your resources, time and money

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vProtect for VMware

vProtect is a modern, stable data protection solution, providing backup and recovery for VMware VMs and all application data. It's dedicated to VMware vCenter Server and VMware ESXi standalone hosts. vProtect is agent-less, cost-effective and competitive platform for all kinds of businesses.

  • support for vSphere 5.5+

  • full and incremental backup
    (NBD, hot-add, CBT - Changed Block Tracking)

  • intuitive HTML5 Web Interface

  • easy licensing per VM or per 2 sockets

  • snapshot management

  • supported languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, German

  • open API for 3rd party software integration

  • 24/7/365 support

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Easy configuration

Configuration Wizard makes the launch and setup of vProtect fast and easy. Start to protect your VMs within minutes, automate and monitor backup processes from a single pane of glass.


Freedom of choice

No vendor lock-in - vProtect provides support for multiple hypervisors and backup destinations (file system, object storage and enterprise backup providers). Gain uncompromising flexibility and freedom in improving your data center.

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Cost effective solution

The easiest licensing per VM or per 2 sockets and 24/7 support team at your disposal. Save your time by reducing daily management time - automate VMs protection and recovery tests.

vProtect architecture
Many possibilities - same effectiveness

Data backup and recovery solution architecture - Storware vProtect 4.3 by Storware 2021

Modern data protection for VMware environments

modernize - automate - reduce costs

Single pane of glass

vProtect provides easy to setup and manage backup & recovery solution for VMware-based virtual machines. With a modern UI you have full control over backup jobs, monitor and manage all your hosts from a single console

  • HTML5 easy-to-use, intuitive UI

  • Tags + regular expressions to simplify assigning VMs to specific backup policies

  • Advanced task console – to give you the life preview of all vProtect jobs (finished, running and pending) with global search bar for quick access to any item or restore jobs history

  • Self-service ready – Open API for 3rd party software integration (REST API)

Backup strategies and extra features

In regards to transport modes, there are four choices in a Storware vProtect VMware Backup Proxy:

  • automatic
  • direct storage access
  • virtual appliance (Hot Add)
  • network (NBD)

In the variant where node was installed on the Proxy VM, staging space must be located on a virtual disk attached to Proxy VM or using RDM. This strategy uses NBD transport mode and supports incremental backups. Each disk of VM can be easily excluded from backup. Snapshot management is also available for VMware environment. Backup process starts with creating snapshot. Next stage of this strategy is export of VM metadata and VM disks (in RAW format). After that, temporary snapshot is deleted to keep maximum efficiency of the VM.

Do it your way with vProtect: feel the freedom of choice from the hypervisor to the backup destination.


  • Ready for integration | open Rest API
  • vProtect supports VMware, Hyper-V, Nutanix Acropolis, Red Hat Virtualization,  and other KVM-based and Xen-based open virtual environments. That gives you uncompromising possibilities of customization your data center

  • You decide where you want to store your backups: on-prem, Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO), cloud, other backup vendors such as IBM, Dell EMC, Veritas. We understand that every IT infrastructure is unique and you should decide what is the best for your environment and custom needs.

Significantly reduce daily management time

  • Disaster recovery plans – test backup automatically to ensure recoverability. To verify that your backed up VM is bootable and was not damaged before the backup was performed, which can happen from a number of reasons – use recovery plans. This is the best way to guarantee reliable recovery of verified backups.

  • Automate VM protection with custom or predefined backup policies.


Avoid extra costs related to backup storage space

  • Do not overpay. Thanks to vProtect you can easily create 3-2-1 backup strategy tailored to your needs.

  • Significantly reduce the size of backups. Use VDO – Virtual Data Optimizer to compress and deduplicate data



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