Nutanix Acropolis AHV Backup and Recovery

vProtect is a stable, agent-less, Nutanix Ready certified solution, providing data protection services for virtual machines running on Nutanix AHV.

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Backup Solution for Acropolis Hypervisor

  • Efficient, incremental backup of AHV VMs with CBT/CRT (Changed-Region Tracking)

  • Snapshot-management for better RPO

  • Backup consistency mechanisms for your applications running on AHV VMs

  • File level restore directly from the Web UI and accessing VM disks from backups over ISCSI

  • 2 different modes: independent backup server or proxy for legacy backup systems

  • supported languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, German

  • The easiest licensing and custom support levels

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Main Features 1 icon Reliable backups 

vProtect provides VM-level, container-level, agentless full and incremental consistent backup. By using vProtect Nodes installed directly in the Nutanix clusters, you’ll be able to perform your backups much faster. For Nutanix vProtect supports Changed Region Tracking (CRT) feature.


Main Features 2 icon Snapshot management

Keep the state of the virtual machine at any given time. One can quickly backup not only data but also the configuration of the running virtual machines. This is an excellent supplement for data backup strategy.

Main Features 5 icon Flexible recovery

Disaster Recovery based on supported enterprise backup providers, object storage vendors or any mounted file-system. File-level restore using mountable backups directly from Web UI, and Automated DR tests feature to ensure recoverability.


Main Features 3 icon Open RESTful API

All communication between 3rd party system goes via RESTful API exposed by vProtect Server. Tasks are being performed by the Node behind the scenes. End-user is going to use only 3rd party system to invoke and monitor status of the tasks.

Backup Strategy for Nutanix Acropolis

vProtect Node installed as Proxy VM on the Cluster | VM disk snapshot attached and dumped via Proxy VM. Pros:

  • new Nutanix AHV API v3 used
  • no additional cloning required
  • disk exclusion support

Scale as you grow

  • scale-out by adding as many nodes as you need
  • scale-up by assigning more resources to vProtect node

Feel the freedom of choice

vProtect is a single platform that is able to backup multiple virtualization platforms to multiple backup providers. So there is no vendor lock-in. If you need to migrate VMs to the different hypervisor, you still can use the same solution to back them up.

With backup providers situation remains the same – if you would like to replace enterprise-grade backup provider with a plain file system – you still may have an option to backup your applications – just select a different target in UI.

Storware vProtect licensing models

Storware vProtect 4.3 - High Level Architecture

Storware vProtect - backup and recovery solution - 4.3 release


Fast & Easy configuration

Configuration Wizard makes the launch and setup of vProtect fast and easy. Start to protect your VMs within minutes, automate and monitor backup processes from a single pane of glass.


Cost-effective solution

Licensing models tailored to your needs - per VM, per Host, per TB or subscription for the 'pay as you grow' model. One license for all hypervisors!

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Intuitive management

Easy-to-use HTML5 Web Interface with the advanced Task Console – to give you the life preview of all vProtect jobs (finished, running and pending) and global search bar for quick access to any item or restore jobs history

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