Hyper-V VMs Backup and Recovery Solution

Storware Backup and Recovery solution supports Hyper-V 2016+ environments. All backups are done via a dedicated Hyper-V agent that needs to be installed on each Hyper-V host. Microsoft Hyper-v is the only hypervisor that requires the installation of an agent. The process is very simple, the rest of the configuration is similar to other suppliers.

  • Full and incremental backup
  • File-level restore
  • VM disk exclusion
  • Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) based incremental backups
  • Snapshot management (Copy Data Management)
  • Pre/post snapshot command execution
  • Backup disks sharable over iSCSI
  • Power-on VM after restore

Featured Highlights

Recovery Plans

Use the recovery plan feature for automated backup verification to ensure the recoverability of backed up VMs. With vProtect you can easily extend your current backup strategy with automated DR testing. This functionality allows you to verify if backups you took can be successfully recovered in case of disaster.

Storware Insight

Storware Insight is an additional technical support enhancement. It is a custom option to send a daily report on your vProtect instance performance. It contains: overall summary, general backup and protection statistics, license information and node status. No IP addresses or VM names are sent in the report.

Sanapshot management

Restore state of the VM without the need to restore data from the backup provider. vProtect creates snapshots periodically according to the policy (schedule and retention settings). Admin reverts VM using admin console of each Hypervisor platform or vProtect UI.

Application backup

Extend backup capabilities with application backup. Add your custom scripts to vProtect Command Execution Configuration and protect your: databases, hypervisor configuration or set of files in your infrastructure.

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Storage provider backup module without data transfer limitations

Backup for unlimited number of Microsoft 365 users and endpoint devices

Enterprise Backup Module (IBM, Dell EMC, Veritas, MicroFocus)

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No enterprise backup integration module (IBM, Dell EMC, Veritas, MicroFocus)

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Seemless Recovery

Recreating a virtual machine, application or file is quick and intuitive. You can do this to the original location or choose a brand new one. For recurring backup integrity testing, use Disaster Recovery Plans to avoid unpleasant surprises when a disaster occurs.

File-level restore – with Storware Backup & Recovery solution you don’t need to restore the entire Hyper-V VM to get specific files.

Retention Policy – the ability to automatically apply retention policies is an important part of backing up virtual machines. Data retention allows organizations to have complete control of their data and remove unnecessary restore points from a backup repository. Depending on your business SLAs, you can customize your retention policy by selecting the number of versions you want to keep for recovery.

Backup Automation

The Configuration Wizard makes the launch and setup of vProtect fast and easy. Instead of clicking through individual tabs, you can use the wizard’s help and at the same time learn what information you will need to configure to automate activities related to backup, snapshot management or recovery tests. Start protecting your environment within minutes. After synchronization, which is performed automatically or on demand, vProtect displays all available machines. Just select a device or group of machines to start backing them up. You can freely group virtual machines and create dedicated backup policies for them. You decide which elements of your IT infrastructure are to be secured. Backups are performed on demand or automatically, according to a fixed schedule.

Enterprise-Ready Solution

Thanks to scalable architecture, data deduplication and compression provided by the backup engine, your data center will be prepared for protecting not only data itself but the whole configuration of your virtual environments.

Unparalleled flexibility

Storware is able to integrate with multiple virtualization platforms and multiple backup providers. Thanks to such flexibility, backups can be stored locally, in object storage providers, IBM Spectrum Protect, S3 and many, many more. If you would like to replace an enterprise-grade backup provider with a plain file system – you still may have an option to backup your applications – just select a different target in the UI.

One license for all hypervisors – Storware aims to provide companies with unparalleled flexibility in designing and implementing data backup strategies. No matter if you manage virtual environments based on open, commercial, or mixed solutions, Storware supports all under one license.

Save time and money

Storware, despite offering comprehensive protection, is still quick and easy to use. In addition, thanks to central management, you significantly reduce the amount of time needed to manage the backup policy and monitor active services.

Both full and incremental backups are supported. Data is being fetched by the agent and for incremental backups only changed blocks are being transferred – Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) based incremental backup for Hyper-V VMs running on Windows Server 2016 and above. No SMB/CIFS shares are needed. vProtect Node can be installed anywhere – it just needs to communicate with the agent on port 50881 (HTTP) or 50882 (HTTPS).

Storwarew enables compression and deduplication – this way we reduce the size of the backup and the consumption of storage space.

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