File-level Backup for Microsoft Windows and Linux

Discover the new OS agent introduced in Storware Backup and Recovery v6.0 – providing file-level backup capabilities for Windows and Linux systems. While the agentless approach remains the default, the OS agent allows you to protect specific folders, perform full and incremental backups, and enjoy the best of both worlds for comprehensive data protection.

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OS Agent for Windows and Linux

At Storware we understand that data protection needs to vary across different environments. While our agentless approach has been highly effective, we recognize that there are situations where having an OS agent can provide valuable file-level backup capabilities.

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File-level Backup for Windows and Linux

Effortlessly Protect Your Critical Data

The OS agent introduces a dedicated tab in the menu, allowing you to easily configure and manage file-level backups for Windows and Linux systems. Whether it’s specific folders, critical files, or even entire drives, you have the flexibility to define precisely what data you want to protect.

Full and Incremental Backups Supported

Storware Backup and Recovery OS Agent supports both full and incremental backups. You can initiate full backups to ensure complete data protection, while incremental backups will efficiently capture only the changes made since the last backup, significantly reducing backup windows and storage requirements.

Benefit of the Best of Both Worlds

By combining our agentless approach with the new OS agent, Storware Backup and Recovery provides you with the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of agentless backups for most of your infrastructure while leveraging the OS agent for those specific systems that require file-level protection.

Highlights of Storware Backup Solution

One Universal License

Storware is an independent data protection solution with the world’s most extensive portfolio of supported backup sources.

Multiple backup destinations

Store your backups on a file system using object storage, tapes or as a proxy for Enterprise-Grade Backup Providers.

Flexible licensing for the best ROI

Choose what best fits your needs – licensing per Host, per VM, per Front-end Terabyte, per user (Microsoft 365) or per device (Endpoints). We offer perpetual (lifetime software) license or a monthly subscription.

The world's widest portfolio of supported platforms

Under one license, Storware supports the world’s widest portfolio of platforms and backup destinations. Get started with a free version or unlock the full potential of Storware Backup and Recovery with a 60-day trial! Sail through the ever-changing ocean of business data with confidence – choose Storware and protect your success today!