What Is the Real Cost of Data Loss?

According to statistics affirmed by Unitrends, about 96% of business servers are not backed up, and about 50% of the entire tape backups fail to restore. Furthermore, about a quarter of all PC users suffer from data loss annually, and many small businesses that experience data loss fold up within a year. Today, the amount […]


Virtual Machines and Containers – Similarities and Differences

There’s a universal increase in IT expenses. Presently, organizations are spending billions on their software alone. These companies are searching for a technology that can reduce their IT expenses. Containerization is a modern technology that has presented itself to be a solution to the rising IT cost. Containerization entails the use of standardized containers, similar […]


Container Technology and its Application in Business

Every day, IT continues to cope with the extreme pressure exerted on it by the ever-increasing demands of the organization. These demands necessitate improved agility and speed of delivery of modern functionalities to the line of business. Furthermore, one of the major causes of this pressure is the deployment of modern and sophisticated application code […]


5 Reasons to Backup Microsoft Teams

Over the course of the COVID pandemic, most offices have switched to remote work. To accommodate this new situation, the companies that have made this switch needed to rely on online work environments to function effectively. One of the most popular choices for online work is Microsoft Teams. Office 365 includes a version of Microsoft […]


Data Protection and Cybersecurity – Together or Separately?

Whitecase affirms that the possibility of misusing delicate personal information has birthed legislative and regulatory laws globally due to its high risk. Privacy laws are incessantly metamorphosing based on their jurisdiction and unpredictable interpretations, which puts them in a constant state of variability. This implies that even the most strategic and industrious organisations can make […]


Benefits of Building Multi-Hypervisor Environments

The world of IT is very dynamic. Therefore, when companies plan long-term activities based on their (proven and used) solutions, often a small thing such as changing the licensing system, removing functionalities, or problems with integration in the new release may derail the budget and interrupt the smooth operation of the company. Change is the […]