How to backup desktops and laptops

How to backup your computer? Business perspective

With every passing year, backup is becoming a more and more complex process. One of the most significant challenges has recently been protecting data on end devices. The pandemic and the necessity to work remotely has had an extremely negative effect on data security, which – unfortunately – has been rapidly exploited by hackers. Perhaps […]


How to Backup Application in an Agentless Way: SQL, MariaDB, Oracle DB and more

Database protection – how to back up and restore databases and applications

Although structural data constitutes a decidedly minor part of company resources, their importance can be invaluable. For this reason, database protection requires particular attention. Nowadays, data is a more valuable resource than a fleet of cars, although the bosses of many firms still pay more attention to looking after cars than digital resources. But this […]


OpenStack components explanation

Getting Started with OpenStack – Components and Data Resiliency

OpenStack is one of the most complex open-source projects. But it can hardly be otherwise when the platform consists of dozens of components. In our previous article, “What is OpenStack?,” we gave a telegraphic overview of the platform’s history, showed its position in the market, and reflected on its future. Although OpenStack has had its […]


What is OpenStack

What is OpenStack?

OpenStack raises mixed feelings in the IT community. Some claim that the platform has been a gigantic success, but there is no shortage of contrary opinions. Before we establish where these discrepancies come from, let’s remind ourselves what OpenStack actually is. What is OpenStack? OpenStack is a joint project between NASA and Rackspace that was […]


Agentless Data Protection for Huawei FusionCompute

There aren’t many solutions that support agentless data protection for Huawei FusionCompute environments. However, we have just the right solution for administrators who would like to provide a reliable backup for Huawei’s virtual environment. With Storware vProtect 4.3 – backup and recovery solution – you get multiple scenarios to integrate this platform with one of […]


Supply chain attack: is it worse than ransomware?

Ransomware, which for several years has been the curse of many IT administrators, has recently been somewhat overshadowed by attacks on supply chains. This was caused by the SolarWinds affair, the most serious hacking attack of 2020 and probably the largest of the decade. What is software supply chain attack? In December 2020, information surfaced […]