Storware Backup and Recovery Crash Course

01 | Overview

Storware Backup and Recovery is an enterprise-grade data protection solution for modern workloads: VMs, container and cloud environments, storage providers, applications, Microsoft 365 and endpoints. Find out how it works, what architecture and competitive advantages it has?

02 | Deployment

Software implementation is fast and easy. The user, depending on his preferences and environment, can choose several ways to install the software. Find out how to go through this process step by step and what methods Storware recommends.

03 | Administration

Simple administration using an intuitive GUI is one of Storware’s strengths. It’s time to initiate some backups and make sure we can recover our assets in the event of a disaster. Let’s get to know the key functionalities of Storware Backup and Recovery.

04 | It is All About Recovery

A backup without a guarantee of resource recovery is completely useless. Learn how to restore your data and how to validate your backups to ensure they can be restored.

05 | Data Security

Storware is not only data backup and recovery, but also many functionalities that are to guarantee general data security. Find out how Storware guarantees compliance with restrictive security policies, resistance to hacker attacks or ransomware and more!