Enterprise-ready Data Protection for VMs and Containers

Storware Backup and Recovery is a comprehensive solution for securing and restoring data. It provides protection for, among others, open and commercial virtual machines and container environments. Storware allows you to:

→ Safeguard critical data: Secure virtual machines and containers with reliable backups.
→ Minimize downtime: Rapidly recover from data loss or system failures.
→ Save time: Easily automate backups and recovery tests.
→ Simplify management: Enjoy an agentless, centralized platform for effortless control.

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Why choose Storware?

Storware is a leading provider of enterprise data protection software. We offer a robust, agentless backup and snapshot-management solution tailored for virtual environments and the cloud. Our platform empowers companies to optimize and automate backup performance, streamline recovery tests, and realize significant savings in terms of resources, time, and costs.

Storware highlights:

  • Comprehensive support for all open and commercial virtual environments under one license.
  • Versatile backup destination options including local filesystems, NFS/CIFS shares, object storage (cloud providers), tapes, or enterprise backup providers.
  • Dedicated licensing and support for container environments on a per compute node basis.
  • Flexible licensing structures designed to maximize return on investment.
  • Multilingual support with versions available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, and French.
  • Access to high-quality global support services available 24/7.

Supported Platforms

Within just one license you get support for all sources.

One platform – one universal license – many uses.
Choose efficiency, transparency, cost savings.

Main features

VM-level, Container level, agentless full and incremental, application consistent backup.

Independent backup server or proxy for legacy backup systems.

Easy to use and intuitive management (HTML5 web UI and CLI).

Recovery plan for automated DR. Test backup automatically to ensure recoverability.

Open API for 3rd party software integration (REST API).

Consistent licensing per Host, per VM, per TB.

Storware Backup and Recovery 6.2 High Level Architecture


The world's widest portfolio of supported platforms

Under one license, Storware supports the world’s widest portfolio of platforms and backup destinations. Get started with a free version or unlock the full potential of Storware Backup and Recovery with a 60-day trial! Sail through the ever-changing ocean of business data with confidence – choose Storware and protect your success today!