High performance and cost-effective
OpenStack Backup and Recovery Solution

Agentless Backup for OpenStack Environments

OpenStack is considered one of the most complex open-source projects for complete data center management since the platform consists of several dozen components. However, modern enterprises widely choose OpenStack to meet their more rapidly changing cloud platform design needs. Storware simplifies the complexity of data protection for Openstack, both for administrator and tenant users. Now backup and Disaster Recovery have never been easier and more effective!

  • Support for multi-tenant OpenStack environments,
  • incremental backup for ceph-based environments,
  • use Storware API to customize backup workflow,
  • integration with multiple backup destinations, including OpenStack Swift,
  • intuitive HTML5 Web Interface and integration with OpenStack Horizon.


Centralized deployment and version management RESTful API

Open API

Easily customize backup workflow with OpenStack API. All communication between 3rd party systems goes via RESTful API exposed by Storware Server. The Node behind the scenes is performing tasks, and End-user will use only a 3rd party system to invoke and monitor the status of the jobs.

Multi-tenancy mode for hybrid organizations or MSPs (billing API included)


Storware provides support for multi-tenant OpenStack environments. Streamline data protection management and billing services with centralized backup and disaster recovery operations. It is the perfect solution for SMBs, enterprises, and Manage Service Providers.

Automatic synchronization to protect new users automatically

Incremental Forever Backup

Take care of fast data backup and recovery. Start by performing the initial full backup, then reduce the amount of data transferred over the network and the length of the backup window by doing incremental backups.

Fast search allowing to find any file from any device

Track and optimize backup performance

View and monitor all backup and recovery tasks running in the OpenStack environment. Receive reports and use our proactive support as part of the Storware Insight option.

Get One Universal License

Storware Backup and Recovery (former vProtect) – agentless backup and recovery for multiple virtualization and container platforms, storage providers, and applications running on-prem and in the cloud. With an easy management interface, you can quickly set up protection and store backups in several backup providers. Feel the true freedom of choice.

OpenStack Horizon UI integration plugin

Storware integrates with third party consoles. One of them is OpenStack Horizon.

OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon) provides administrators and users with a graphical interface to share and automate resources in the cloud. The dashboard design includes third-party products and services such as billing, monitoring, and additional management tools. With our plugin, Storware appears in the OpenStack Horizon menu and provides access to the necessary backup and recovery options via the RESTful API.

Backup Strategies for OpenStack Workloads

Storware provides a crash-consistent backup of instances running in the OpenStack environment. If your hypervisor is KVM and you’re running on QCOW2-based storage, Storware can backup both metadata and its volumes. It also provides incremental backup capability and excludes specific disks from backup.

  • Disk image transfer – for KVM hypervisors with VMs using QCOW2.
  • Volumes or Ceph-based storage: supports incremental backup, and disk images are transferred directly from API (no Proxy VM required).
  • Disk attachment through Cinder: supports all hypervisors and storage options, no incremental backup, proxy VM is required – used for the disk attachment process.

What would you like to do now?

Under one license, we give you unparalleled freedom of choice – starting from the hypervisor and ending at the backup destination. That’s the way we build future-oriented solutions.