Backup and Recovery for Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager

Protect your Oracle Virtualization with Storware Backup and Recovery. Our agentless solution provides comprehensive data protection for virtual machines, storage, and applications. With Storware, you can easily backup and restore your data, and recover from any disaster. Try our cutting-edge solutions today!

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OLVM Backup Solution

Storware Backup and Recovery is an agentless, independent data backup, and disaster recovery solution with no vendor lock-in. Storware improves and streamlines data management services by automation, tag-based VM auto-grouping and scheduling, and intuitive and modern UI. Use a forever FREE version that supports up to 10 virtual machines or unlock the full potential with the 60-day TRIAL version!

  • multiple backup strategies available to fit your needs
  • support for 4.3+ versions (Changed-Block Tracking 4.4+)
  • multiple backup destinations to give you extra flexibility
  • Storware is scalable and ready to grow with you
  • the easiest and flexible licensing – no hidden costs
  • supported languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, German
  • top-notch support team

OLVM UI integration plugin

Integration with the OLVM Virtualization interface allows administrators to perform most of the basic operations without logging into the Storware dashboard. After installation (which is described at the end of this article) you will see a new tab “VM Backups” in the OLVM menu. It gives you insight into the crucial information from Storware admin console: protection stats, task success rate, available resources.

It consists of three primary tabs: dashboard, virtual machines, and task console.

What are the advantages of integrating Storware with the native Oracle Linux VM UI?

  • The ability to manage all data protection processes directly from the oVirt / RHV user interface
  • Streamlining and simplifying backup and recovery processes, which saves the administrator’s time.
  • The integration gives administrators a better user experience.
  • Instant insight into backup/restore tasks and stats.

Storware for OLVM - Main Highlights

VM-level, container-level, agentless full and incremental consistent backup

Modern approach to VMs backup favors lightweight, agent-less backup solutions, instead of requiring time-consuming management of agent-based ones. Thus, the main criteria that support paying attention to agent-less solutions are cost and efficiency.

Snapshot management / Copy data management

Restore state of the VM without the need to restore data from the backup provider. Storware creates snapshots periodically according to the policy (schedule and retention settings). Admin reverts VM using admin console of each Hypervisor platform or Storware Backup and Recovery UI.


Multi-node architecture – depending on the backup strategy. Scale as you grow – scale out by adding as many nodes as you need, – scale up by assigning more resources to vProtect node.

Designed for modern world

Open RESTful API and CLI – all communication between 3rd party system goes via RESTful API exposed by Storware Server. Storware Backup and Recovery is ready to be part of wider automation or orchestration solution.

Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager Backup Strategies

Oracle Linux VM environments can be protected in several ways. Different strategies require a node to be installed either as a VM on the environment that you backup or installed separately. Learn more For Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (OLVM) 4+ environments you can use API v4 for invoking all backup related tasks. Import/export mode defines the way the backups and restores are done. OLVM (with API v4) supports 3 modes:

Disk attachment, which exports VM metadata (in OVF format) with separate disk files (in RAW format) via Proxy VM with the Node installed. Supports OLVM 4.0+, no incremental backup, proxy VM required in each cluster – used for disks attachment process

Disk image transfer, which exports VM metadata (in OVF format) with disk snapshot chains as separate files (QCOW2 format): supports OLVM 4.2+/oVirt 4.2.3+, supports incremental backup, disk images are transferred directly from API (no Proxy VM required)

SSH Transfer, this method assumes that all data transfers are directly from hypervisor – over SSH

Choose future-oriented solution

In all circumstances, we ensure data availability and business continuity at every level for multi-format data.


Storware Backup and Recovery for Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager is designed to simplify and streamline the backup and recovery processes within Oracle virtual environments, ensuring data protection, minimizing downtime, and enabling efficient disaster recovery operations.