Easy to Manage and Automate Database Protection with Storware Backup and Recovery

Storware provides reliable backup and recovery services for databases: MSSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, DB2, Oracle DB, Relax and Recover (ReaR), Git

Storware Backup and Recovery

Storware Backup & Recovery provides a generic mechanism for multiple scenarios where VM-level backup may not be enough. With Storware Backup & Recovery you can prepare a custom script or invoke any backup command that produces backup artifacts (or just initiates an external backup process) on a remote host and stores backups to your backup provider.

With the Application backup you can extend your protection capabilities to:

  • any remote applications with their own mechanisms,
  • hypervisor configuration,
  • files on remote hosts (physical, virtual, or containers),
  • this includes shares, mounted object-storage buckets, LVM block devices, or virtually anything which can be presented as a file,
  • initiating external backup processes such as RMAN.

Why choose Storware for database protection?

Application Backup – Storware provides both a generic backup mechanism for custom backup processes and pre-built templates for commonly used applications.

Easy Configuration – configuration wizard makes the launch and setup of Storware fast and easy. Start to protect your workloads within minutes!

Centralized Management – Storware offers centralized management for backup and recovery of multiple sources using a browser-based console.

Set and Forget Automation – automate workloads protection with custom backup policies and schedules. Test backup automatically with Recovery Plans to ensure recoverability.


Get more benefits for administrators and businesses!

Unparalleled Flexibility – Storware supports not only data protection for virtual machines, cloud and container environments within a single license, bu also offers Multi-Type Database Protection for MSSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, DB2, Oracle, Relax and Recover (ReaR), and Git.

Freedom of Choice – store your backups in a convenient location. Storware supports file systems, object storage, and enterprise-grade backup providers as the backend, so it is easy to fit Storware Backup and Recovery into the existing infrastructure.

Hot Database Backup – Storware allows you to back up your databases without affecting the normal operation of the database, whether they are on virtual machines or physical servers.

Transparent Licensing – the easiest licensing without hidden costs: per VM, per Host, per TB, and 24/7 support team at your disposal.

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Storware Backup and Recovery 6.0 software architecture


There are 2 main concepts that Storware Backup & Recovery uses to execute backups:

  • Command Execution Configuration
  • Application Definition

Command Execution Configuration

This defines how to perform a backup operation. It describes how to execute a command that produces a backup artifact which Storware Backup & Recovery later stores in a backup provider. Multiple Application definitions share Command Execution Configuration but with different parameter values.

Application Definition

Once you have your command execution configuration defined (or you choose to use the predefined ones provided with Storware Backup & Recovery), you should define the instances of your application.

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