Backup solution for
KVM environments

vProtect is an agent-less, stable, and cost-effective solution providing crash-consistent backup of VMs running in KVM environments.

With intuitive and modern UI, you can quickly set up protection and store backups in several different backup providers, automate recovery tests and reduce daily management time.

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vProtect for KVM

vProtect is a modern, data protection solution that provides backup and recovery of VMs running in KVM environments. With vProtect you can significantly improve the performance of your data center, automate recovery tests, and thus easily save resources, time, and money.

  • support for QEMU 2.1+ (QCOW2-based VMs need libvirt with blockcommit feature)

  • full backup of QCOW2 or LVM-based (LVM thin pool support) VMs

  • incremental backup for QCOW2/RAW file-based storage

  • Ceph support + mixed volume types support

  • intuitive HTML5 Web Interface

  • easy licensing per VM or host (2 sockets)

  • snapshot management

  • supported languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, German

  • open API for 3rd party software integration

  • 24/7/365 support

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Recovery Plans

Automated disaster recovery – test backup automatically to ensure recoverability.

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File-level restore

File-level restore using mountable backups directly from Web UI

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Easy to use and intuitive management (HTML5 web UI and CLI)

Data backup and recovery solution architecture - Storware vProtect 4.3 by Storware 2021


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