4 Factors to Consider in Disaster Recovery

Firms are becoming ever more concerned about IT infrastructure outages due to faults or cyberattacks. For this reason, processes, policies and procedures related to restarts and maintaining critical ICT infrastructure are of growing importance. Disaster Recovery – how to keep losses to a minimum? Ransomware is causing havoc in networks used by companies, hospitals, colleges […]


Ransomware meets Backup – Cyber Attack Detection System

If they are used well, backup tools can play a key role in the battle against ransomware attacks. Contrary to popular opinion, they do not have to be limited to simply creating backup and recovering data. This article will not only discuss the advanced functionalities of resource protection software in detecting threats, such as the […]


Encrypted Data: How to Reduce the Damage Caused by a Ransomware Attack

The latest data protection platforms have functionality for backup protection. This is the response by manufacturers to the growing number of ransomware attacks and the new methods used by cybercriminals. Backup under special supervision Americans had barely got over the SolarWinds incident when they suffered another blow in the form of a ransomware attack targeted […]


Backup and Restore for Amazon Cloud Services Users

The AWS backup service provides protection for data used by Amazon customers. However, it is often worth considering alternative solutions offered by backup system providers. It was Gordon Gekko, the main character in the film Wall Street, who declared that the most valuable commodity he knew was information. He might not have been a pleasant […]


How to protect your business from ransomware

Ransomware is causing havoc in company networks, while behind the attacks are well-organised gangs making vast sums from their criminal activity. Ransomware strikes at business In April, Dutch media was awash with reports of a lack of cheeses in Albert Heijn, the largest chain of supermarkets. Situations like this occur all over the world, and […]


Where is Green IT Going? World Oceans Day 2021

It is estimated that in a minute, Google searches generate 500 kg of CO2. This, calculated for one day, is an unbelievable number of 720 tons. At the same time, a hectare of forest in the best condition can absorb less than 100 kg of CO2. “Data is the new oil of the 21st Century.” […]