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Today is a perfect day to highlight the importance of the marine environment for our future. Starting in 2002, we celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8. And although Covid-19 and social distance are changing the way we recognize our blue planet this year, the need for action is perhaps more critical than ever. On this occasion, we would like to invite you on an expedition!

Into the wild

All aboard! Welcome to Oceania, a research vessel of the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Every year, Oceania spends about eight months at sea, including about 80 days in the Nordic Seas and Spitsbergen. The new adventure is about to begin!

Oceania’s mission is to study the marine environment. It’s not just about plankton and sea currents. The question is whether climate or industrial changes impact the sustainable use of marine fauna and flora. This time Backupmonster joins the crew and provides wind in their ‘digital sails.’

Since Oceania has been equipped with modern computer laboratories, Storware can fully support the research conducted by the Institute. How? Ensuring the protection of data stored and processed in the data center.

We have donated the Institute with data backup and recovery software. Two hundred virtual machines are now fully protected with  vProtect. These are mainly Xen-based hypervisors, but not only.


We were most pleased that our actions were a response to the real needs of scientists working on the Oceania. We know perfectly well that digital data are as crucial as samples taken during expeditions.

We are most satisfied with support for Xen and XCP-NG, as well as maintained support for tape libraries (via IBM Spectrum Protect). These features are unique on the private cloud backup software market – says Krzysztof Rutkowski, Senior IT Specialist.

PartnerSHIP for better future

We are well aware of the problems ecology is facing nowadays. The protection of the aquatic environment is one of them. We’re not just talking about climate change, but also about millions of tons of plastic that goes to the seas and oceans every year.

We are all dependent on the oceans, no matter where we live. Therefore, we should all feel responsible for their condition. After climate change, the critically low state of wild fish populations is the second most ecological challenge in the world. That is why we are glad that we can support this research, although we are a company that produces data protection software. However, from the beginning this area was important to us.

If we look at the vProtect logo, we will see there exactly – an octopus tentacle. This beautiful and intelligent mollusk is an excellent metaphor for the versatility of vProtect. Our backup solution for virtual machines, containers, and cloud environments supports many commercial and open source solutions. Under one license, you gain unprecedented freedom of choice in building IT infrastructure without vendor lock-in.

RV Oceania - Polish research vessel
pl:User:Patiocean / CC BY

All hands and one pair of paws on deck!

SY Oceania is a tall ship, owned by the Polish Academy of Sciences, and used as a research vessel. The ship is equipped with laboratories able to provide hydro-graphic, optic, acoustic, chemical, biological, and particulate experiments and observations.

The Institute’s mission is to conduct primary research of the marine environment and deepen knowledge of phenomena and processes occurring in it. The Institute of Oceanology researches the Baltic Sea and in the European Arctic.

We are pleased that Storware can support innovative, high-level scientific, and technological research. Science and adventure are what Backupmonster loves the most.