Backup and recovery solution for XCP-ng

What you get for XCP-ng with Storware solution

  • VM-level backup and protection
  • Full backups (support from 6.5+)
  • Changed Block Tracking (CBT) Incremental backup APIs (support from 7.3+)
  • Option to backup only selected VM disks
  • File-level restore
  • VM auto-grouping based on regular expressions and tags
  • Automatically Power-ON VM after restore
  • Snapshot consistent technology (quiesced snapshots for Citrix Hypervisor)
  • Pre/post snapshot remote command execution
  • 24/7/365 support
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Highlights of Storware Backup Solution

XCP-ng Certified Solution

XCP-ng and Storware have concluded a technology alliance to make the backup solution developed by Storware compatible and tested with the XCP-ng hypervisor. Proven compatibility between software allows you to build a modern data center with confidence.

Because good, proven by technicians and 100% compatible solutions are always a reliable guarantor of continuous business development.

Scalable and Versatile

Storware Backup and Recovery for open source XCP-ng provides a crash-consistent backup of VMs running in Citrix Hypervisor environments and open-source XCP-ng.

Thanks to scalable architecture, data deduplication and compression provided by the backup engine, your data center will be prepared for protecting not only data itself but the whole configuration of your virtual environments.

3-2-1 Backup Rule – no problem!

You decide where you will store the backup of your data and in how many locations to meet the formal or business requirements of your company. You can back up data to and recover data from a local filesystem or an NFS / CIFS share, object storage (cloud providers: Amazon S3 / S3 compatible, Cloudian S3, Alibaba Cloud OSS, Nutanix Objects, Azure Blob Storage, OpenStack Swift, Scality Ring), or enterprise backup providers like Dell EMC, IBM, Veritas.

Intuitive HTML5 Web Interface

Get instant control of data management functions. Thanks to the straightforward GUI, choosing your preferred settings is fast and easy. Use graphic reports and statistics to verifying their effectiveness.

With an easy management interface, you are able to quickly set up protection and store backups in several different backup providers.

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What is XCP-ng?

XCP-ng is a fully open-source alternative to the XenServer hypervisor. It is a solution 100% compatible with the project supervised by Citrix. Although XCP-ng works exactly like Citrix Xenserver, it has no restrictions.

Every bit of XCP-ng is open-source. So you can freely use all the advantages of this robust and fast-growing virtualization, powered by a vast community of individuals and companies. And now you can easily protect XCP-ng VMs infrastructure with compatible and tested backup & recovery solutions from Storware.

Get One Universal License

Storware Backup and Recovery (former vProtect) is an agentless, modern backup and recovery solution for XCP-ng and multiple other virtualization and container platforms, storage providers, and applications running on-prem and in the cloud.

With an easy management interface, you can quickly set up protection and store backups in several backup providers: Object Storage or File System options, and even use Storware as a proxy for Enterprise Backup Providers (IBM, DELL, MicroFocus, Veritas)

Storware: set and forget

  • Install quickly and easily with the Ansible playbook
  • Use the initial Setup Wizard to start protecting your environment in minutes
  • Automate your backup tasks with fully customizable backup schedules according to your needs
  • Use recovery plans to periodically validate your backups
  • Take advantage of Storware Insight as a support enhancement. It sends a daily report on your instance, so our support can react quickly when something unexpected happens. The report does not contain any IP addresses or names of the virtual machines.

XCP-ng Backup Strategies

Changed-Block Tracking

In this strategy, the VM is exported using XenServer API (full backup) and the Network Block Device service (NBD, incremental backups) on the XenServer hosts. The CBT feature in Citrix XenServer 7.3+ may require an additional license. The resulting backup has separate files for each disk + metadata, so you also have the option to exclude specific drives.


In this strategy, the VM is exported as a single XVA bundle containing all of the data. Incremental backup is also supported. Data is transferred directly from the XenServer API without the need to set up anything on the hosts.

What would you like to do now?

Under just one license Storware gives you a reliable and future-oriented backup and recovery solution with unparalleled freedom of choice – starting from the hypervisor and ending at the backup destination. That’s the way we build future oriented solutions.