vProtect 4.0 NOVA – Released

Get ready for vProtect 4.0! Now with incremental backup for Proxmox VE and Changed Block Tracking backup strategy for oVirt and Red Hat Virtualization. Remember that with vProtect, our focus is on introducing useful features that truly improve data protection processes, automate backup and restore tasks, and ensure the highest standards of reliability. Get your copy and test it yourself!

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Storware is pleased to announce the release of our agentless #backup and recovery solution for VMs, containers, and applications running on-prem and in the cloud.  vProtect aims to provide companies with unparalleled flexibility in designing and implementing a data backup strategy. No matter if you manage virtual environments based on open, commercial, or mixed solutions, vProtect supports all under one license. With the new version, we took another step in the vProtect development roadmap. Check out new incremental backup strategies, improved web UI, and many more useful features that really save time and money.

See the detailed changes and dare to test the solution driven by freedom of choice! Ready? Let’s go!

vProtect 4.0 introduces many compelling changes:

Two new backup strategies for RHV/oVirt and Proxmox significantly widen the range of backup strategies available for administrators with a focus on incremental backup enhancements.

  • Incremental backup strategy available  for Proxmox VE
  • Changed Block Tracking available for oVirt and Red Hat Virtualization

The restore process also now allows automatic power on VMs or automatically customize names of restored VMs in Recovery Plans. This opens additional test scenarios, in which administrators can validate if VMs restore successfully and do a test power on.

This release also simplifies the Nutanix setup. Administrators can add Prism Central directly instead of individual Prism Elements. This allows administrators to use categories (corresponding to “tags” in vProtect) and assign policies automatically based on them in policies.

The S3/S3-compatible backup provider can optionally be connected via proxy. This provider now also supports Nutanix Objects.

Web UI has been improved and reorganized for better user experience

Detailed changes:

  • New: Proxmox VE – a new backup strategy for Proxmox VE (includes incremental backups, FS freeze, and option to share backups over iSCSI)
  • New: RHV/oVirt – new backup strategy using CBT (using new RHV/oVirt backup APIs, currently in Technical Preview)
  • New: Nutanix AHV – option to connect via Prism Central instead of individual Prism Elements
  • New: Nutanix AHV – option to automatically assign VMs to the policies based on Nutanix categories (vProtect tags) when using Prism Central as hypervisor manager
  • New: Option to automatically power on VM after restore
  • New: Option to automatically generate VM name with prefix/suffix in Recovery Plans
  • New: Major Web UI update and reorganization – better arrangement of views related to the artifacts in the same domain, such as Virtual Environment-related schedules, policies, etc.
  • New: S3/S3-compatible backup provider – Nutanix Objects support
  • New: S3/S3-compatible backup provider – proxy support
  • New: Kubernetes/OpenShift – token-based authentication
  • New: Task APIs optimizations
  • New: Support for Red Hat OpenShift 4.5
  • New: Support for Chrome SameSite cookie security flag
  • Fix: oVirt/RHV UI plugin minor enhancements and fixes
  • Fix: Hyper-V delta snapshot files merge issue

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