Storware and SUSE technology alliance partnership

This is official! We are pleased to announce Storware’s technological partnership with SUSE.

“SUSE works with partners around the globe to develop solutions to help organizations run more efficiently and cost effectively. We work closely with our partners to provide technology that’s both innovative and complementary, along with a full suite of training, consultation, and support solutions.”

In 2019, SUSE became the world’s largest independent open source software company. They are mainly responsible for the development of their Linux distribution. Now vProtect as a certified backup and recovery solution can be a perfect complementary to company’s IT infrastructure and streamline all data protection requirements.

Together with SUSE we also share the common belief that the best solutions are born of collaboration. Don’t hesitate to check us out!

Because delivering reliable and trustworthy products to a worldwide audience guarantees that they have made the right choice. Such a relationships are always the solid foundation of business development.

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