vProtect 3.4 release (Mars) – what’s new?

vProtect 3.4 release (Mars) – what’s new?

Following the scheduled Road Map, the Storware vProtect Team has launched a new 3.4 release, expanding product’s capabilities.

vProtect 3.4 (code name Mars) introduces API v4 support for oVirt/RHV environments, which comes together with a new backup strategy available. This means that vProtect Node can now act as a proxy VM, without the need of using export storage domain and a cloning step.

This release also introduces cluster and storage scanning to allow administrators to easily select destination storage from the list in restore dialog box. Moreover, new vProtect version also extends scheduling options to allow administrators to configure backups to be done on monthly or even annually basis.

Last but not least, vProtect now can fail remaining backup tasks in the queue if it detects that certain percent of backup tasks have already failed. This helps administrator to address cases when unavailability of backup provider or VM infrastructure causes multiple backups to constantly fail during scheduled backup process.

Major functional changes:

  1. New: RHV/oVirt API v4 support – backup without export storage domain
  2. New: Extended scheduling options
  3. New: Cluster and storage indexing (RHV/oVirt/OVM/Nutanix/XenServer)
  4. New: Automatic stop of scheduled backup if more than X % of backups already failed

Package download:ftp://ftp.storware.eu/vProtect-3.4user: vprotectpass: 2)Rt87&xFS}z49e

Documentation:– Online:https://storware.gitbooks.io/storware-vprotect/content– PDF:https://www.gitbook.com/download/pdf/book/storware/storware-vprotect

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