The file server is not enough

The file server is not enough

The mobile revolution is an ongoing history that is happening right in front of our eyes. For several years now modern technologies have been entering our lives, changing drastically our way of working and everyday life.

Every company that thinks of success has to adapt not only to the demands of the market, customers but also employees who are becoming more and more mobile and dynamic. Mobile devices have become a part of our lives. It particularly applies to the Millennial generation for whom these elements have “always” been a part of everyday life. Smartphones and tablets are an integral part of their everyday and professional activity.Information wants to be free

Nowadays, due to our mobility and availability the traditional file servers are not quite adapted to the present. Business reality requires fast access to data not only when we are in the building connected to the local network but also when traveling on business abroad. Information wants to be free, but for corporate data we should decide where the freedom ends and how/by whom it is processed.

Resistance is futile

Employer who wants to survive in the modern marketplace must adapt its actions to changing trends and increase the dynamics of its work. Perhaps you are an entrepreneur who is still storing important business data on file servers or other devices. Maybe it’s high time to look for other solutions that will help your employees to get easier access and collaborate more freely?

If an employer doesn’t provide an easy data access, the employees will take the matters into their own hands. In such case, the company completely loses control over what is happening with its data. The personal services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud make it easy for employees to use including the corporate data. Although the services themselves are safe, it is more important to realize how secure our users are, which leaves a lot to be desired. The security and trade secrets of our business is just one side of the coin. Many corporate data includes personal data that are protected by law, and regulations such as GDPR.

Do you know how employees share data? How secure are the services they use? Do you know where physical data is stored and who has access to it? Was the data encrypted after leaving the company? What if you fire an employee, do you know what happens to the data that he used?

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by Patryk Bobak, Storware, Professional Services Architect

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