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What we are protecting



Set up full or incremental backups of Office 365 OneDrive for Business. Freely re-use your secondary data for analytics, do not lose access while infrastructure outages or someone forgets to prolong the license.



Easy yet powerful solution for Office 365 users’ mailboxes backup. No more lost or accidentally deleted emails, full control over retention policies, automatic backup process, easy files restoration to preferred location.



Backup and restore support for all available in Outlook item types such as emails, contacts, calendars or tasks

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SharePoint (coming soon)

Backup Office 365 with KODO

KODO solution for Office 365 ensures not only continued protection of key corporate data, but also compression, deduplication and file versioning.

Thanks to its scalable architecture and RESTful API, you get a complete and modern tool that ensures businesss continuity.


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Discover the full potential of KODO for Cloud

Why you should backup and protect Office 365 data?

Data in applications operating in the cloud should be subject to special protection, because they are much more susceptible to:

  • Human mistakes, both accidental and malicious, including accidental overwriting of data
  • Malware attacks or ransomware attacks
  • Preventing data loss from expired licenses
  • Cloud infrastructure outage

How we are protecting your cloud resources?

  • On-prem setup as Virtual Appliance (or customized installation)
  • Deduplication, complression, encryption (in transfer and at rest), versioning
  • Agent backup deployable on clouds or on-prem
  • Scalable solution (adding agents, setting up Kodo cluster)

Key features / Benefits

  • Instant restore to local PC or to Office 365 cloud
  • Cross-Account migration of files / emails
  • RESTful API – can be used to integrate KODO with other solutions used by organization
  • Automated synchronization to protect new users automatically
  • Fast search allowing to find any file from Office 365
  • Control over retention from one day to forever
  • Secure data storage
  • Flexible backup schedulers – backup every day or even every hour or backup on-demand

Licence – Complete solution for Office 365 backup

  • License management – per user
  • Status history – monitor your backup and tasks
  • Design – it’s easy and intuitive

KODO for CLOUD Architecture

KODO for CLOUD Architecture

KODO provides smart backup solutions and recovery services for Office 365 and BOX.

Why should you look after and secure your company’s data stored in the cloud? Using a package of services and cloud-based SaaS solutions offered by Microsoft is to ease and faster company’s workflow. It means that a significant amount of your business data is stored in the cloud. That amount will continue to increase. Day by day.

This is why protecting your data to ensure business continuity as well as meeting compliance requirements is crucial. To satisfy both the business and IT department’s needs, Storware KODO now offers protection of Office 365 data.

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How to protect efficiently Office 365 data

Business continuity

Business continuity

KODO for Microsoft Office 365 is a solution that protects your business data by performing daily backups of OneDrive for Business to ensure business continuity and to meet compliance demands. Therfore, KODO protects your critical data from loss due to ransomware, malware, other threats, or just simple user errors.

Modernized data protection

Modernized data protection

KODO builds a trusted environment for a sensitive and enterprise-critical data (secure data collaboration), by setting up the rhythm of organization’s data flow. It provides granular data restoration and enables administrators and end users to restore data functions, reducing costs and meeting RTOs. Protecting your organization with KODO is simple, yet effective.


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