It’s about time to take control of your IBM TSM / Spectrum Protect environments

It’s about time to take control of your IBM TSM / Spectrum Protect environments

I guess the above picture explains everything that you need to know. Just keep it simple – IBM Spectrum Protect.

FlyCoat Console is making the everyday job of the admins struggling with the complex IBM Spectrum Protect environment more efficient. Our solution is a comfortable tool to control and manage that environment. It allows managing of many TSM servers by just a single login. The product enables effective data management, efficient problem solving, analysis and optimization of the processes of IBM Spectrum Protect servers. The solution is available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, AIX.

FlyCoat Console fully substitutes standard dsmadmc console management.

Key functions of the console are:

  1. modification of TSM server parameters
  2. management of domain policies, nodes, schedules, collocation groups, client option sets and others
  3. management of device classes and storage pools
  4. hardware management, libraries, drives, media
  5. enterprise administration
  6. server maintenance (database, recovery log, volume history, scripts, administrative schedules and others)
  7. requests, background processes, sessions, activity log
  8. alerting
  9. reporting
  10. statistics
  11. Disaster Recovery Manager handling procedures
  12. intuitive and friendly dashboard
  13. management of the whole Spectrum Protect environment with a single pane of glass
  14. simple licensing model (per Spectrum Protect server)
  15. configuration does not require high technical skills
  16. central TSM / IBM Spectrum Protect backup archive client management

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