Enterprise Backup and Protection

Short description

Storware FlyCoat is the family of features, which integrate with IBM Spectrum Protect, serving the power and unique approach.

The layer of know-how and integrated management, plugins for XEN, KVM, RedHat virtualization as well as CDP and backup for mobile devices deliver data protection, data sharing and migration (contacts, callendars, galeries).

As hardware independent appliance Storware Flycoat could be delivered both on premise as well as cloud solution.

This is a new concept how to build the efficient solution in a cost optimized manner.

The components of Storware FlyCoat Appliance

  • CYHP- choose your hardware platform
  • Cloud (BAAS) and on-prem offering
  • Integrated services and one point of support
  • Backup & restore of whole infrastructure
  • Spectrum protect enterprise engine
  • Efficient management & reporting
  • Forthcoming analitycs
  • Intuitive UI, enabling better control than any before

The solution offers “one concept” approach

System architecture

FlyCoat Console

FlyCoat Console is making the everyday job of the admins struggling with the complex IBM Spectrum Protect environment more efficient. Our solution is a comfortable tool to control and manage that environment. It allows managing of many TSM servers by just a single log in. The product enables effective data management, efficient problem solving, analysis and optimization of the processes of IBM Spectrum Protect servers. The solution is available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, AIX.

FlyCoat Console fully substitutes standard dsmadmc console management.

What makes FlyCoat different from the existing tools?

TSM Command line
  • lack of UI causes difficulties and limits the control of the managed environment,
  • complicated construction of commands requires long term education to comprehend and ingest the way Spectrum Protect works,
  • good knowledge of command line is still required.
TSM Operation center
  • admin gets reports mainly about the current status of the server,
  • frequent changing amount of functions does not improve ease and intuitive management of environment,
  • just basic control functions are available,
  • knowledge of command line is required.

Key functions

  • modification of TSM server parameters
  • management of domain policies, nodes, schedules, collocation groups, client option sets and others
  • management of device classes and storage pools
  • hardware management, libraries, drives, media
  • enterprise administration function
  • server maintenance function (database, recovery log, volume history, scripts, administrative schedules and others)
  • requests, background processes, sessions, activity log
  • alerting function
  • reporting function
  • statistic function
  • Disaster Recovery Manager handling procedures
  • intuitive and friendly dashboard
  • management of the whole Spectrum Protect environment with a single pane of glass
  • simple licensing model (per Spectrum Protect server)
  • configuration does not require high technical skills
  • central TSM backup archive client management

FlyCoat Console Logging Screen

Spectrum protect storage pool volumes

Daily incremental backup size

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