Red Hat Virtualization Backup and Recovery Solution

Feature-rich Backup and Restore solution for RHV virtual machines

Storware Backup and Recovery is a stable, agent-less, Red Hat certified solution, providing backup and recovery services for virtual machines and container environments. Use Storware to improve RHV backup performance, automate recovery tests, and significantly save your resources, time and money.

  • full (v3.5.1+) and incremental (v4.2+) backups with Changed Block Tracking (CBT) backup strategy available (v4.4)
  • tag-based VM auto-grouping and scheduling
  • generic application backup
  • oVirt/RHV metadata protection
  • application-consistent backups with guest file-system freeze
  • file-level restore
  • supported languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, German
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60-day free trial. A premium experience with removed limitations

All features included

Backup for unlimited number of hosts and virtual machines

Application (databases) backup module with no limitations

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Storage provider backup module without data transfer limitations

Backup for unlimited number of Microsoft 365 users and endpoint devices

Enterprise Backup Module (IBM, Dell EMC, Veritas, MicroFocus)

Pre-sales support and (PoC) consulting

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A free plan to discover Storware Backup and Recovery System

All features included

Backup up to 10 Virtual Environments (Virtual Machines and Containers)

Backup up to 10 applications

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Backup for Storage Providers limited to 1 TB data transfer

Backup for 25 Microsoft 365 Users

No support option available

No endpoints backup option

No enterprise backup integration module (IBM, Dell EMC, Veritas, MicroFocus)

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Storware Insight

Storware Insight is an additional technical support enhancement. Send a daily report on your instance performance. With this option, Storware support is able to respond faster and more accurately if something unexpected happens.


Keep the state of the virtual machine at any given time. One can quickly backup not only data but also the configuration of the running virtual machines. This is an excellent supplement for data backup.

Application Backup

Extend backup capabilities with application backup. Add your custom scripts to Command Execution Configuration and protect your: databases, hypervisor configuration set of files in your infrastructure.

5 Backup Strategies

Export storage domain (API v3), Proxy VM (snapshot-disk attachment, API v4), snapshot-chains (disk image transfer from hypervisor manager, API v4.2+), SSH transfer and Changed Block Tracking

Storware RHV (oVirt) UI Plugin

Discover single pane of glass for backup & recovery operations. The plugin is freely available on GitHub, what’s more, Storware is FREE to use in the environments up to 10 VMs. So if you’re looking for a reliable and future-proof data protection solution for Red Hat Virtualization VM just give it a try.

The integration allows the administrator not only to monitor tasks progress and other things related to storage space or backup performance. Simply and intuitively it allows, for example, to assign virtual machines to selected backup policies, perform backups or restore selected machines on demand.

Available backup strategies

5 backup strategies: export storage domain (over API v3), Proxy VM (snapshot-disk attachment, API v4), snapshot-chains (disk image transfer from hypervisor manager, API v4.2+), SSH transfer and Changed Block Tracking (this is a new method which is possible thanks to changes in oVirt 4.4)

Recover your data with ease:

  • to local storage
  • to any remote location mountable on Storware Server
  • directly to the virtualization environment

You also are able to restore individual files using mountable backups (directly from web interface or node). And if one needs direct access to the original drive there is also an option to share it from your backup over iSCSI. Especially if you need to preserve original file permissions or extended attributes.

Storware is able to integrate with multiple virtualization platforms and multiple backup providers. Thanks to such flexibility, backups can be stored locally, using object storage, IBM Spectrum Protect, S3 and many, many more. If you would like to replace an enterprise-grade backup provider with a plain file system – you still may have an option to backup your applications – just select a different target in the UI. Moreover:

  • it is easy to use existing storage instances to keep backups of VMs according to the specific retention policy.
  • it provides easy-to-use web interface with option to integrate into native administration consoles or other self-service solutions
  • it allows virtualization admins to use tags or VM naming convention to automatically assign policies to the VMs based on include/exclude rules
  • it has native integration with OpenStack Horizon, and ready to use CloudForms integration

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Under one license we give you unparalleled freedom of choice – starting from the hypervisor and ending at the backup destination. That’s the way we build future proof solutions.