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Manage IT infrastructure resources in an effective way

What is virtualization?

Virtualization is the process of creating a virtual representation of IT resources. For example, to manage IT infrastructure more efficiently. Virtualization is the most effective way to reduce IT spending while increasing productivity and efficiency. Most often, this applies to the simultaneous running of many operating systems on a computer system. Applications running on a virtualized computer may look as if they were on their dedicated computer. The operating system, libraries, and other programs are unique to the virtualized guest system. Why do companies use virtual machines? Because each virtual machine is a different environment, it is possible to allocate computing resources between them: CPUs, memory, hard drives, network interfaces, and other devices. Because virtual machines are separate environments, their mutual work does not affect each other. In addition, it is also possible to move and copy virtual machines.

Why do companies use virtual machines?



Virtualization helps companies reduce costs by requiring fewer hardware servers and associated resources to achieve the same level of computing performance, availability, and scalability. It also reduces the time needed for manual administration and management of time-consuming processes by automating operations. This allows you to lower your operating costs.


Eco friendly

One way to reduce energy demand is virtualization. In this way, different applications or systems can run on one server. As businesses reduce the size of their hardware and server, they reduce energy consumption, cooling capacity, and data center footprint, resulting in lower costs. It is one of the pillars of green IT to design services to be as environmentally friendly as possible.


Easy to set up

Setting up physical systems and servers can take days or even weeks! From the moment of placing the order, sending packages, configuring, until all connections are properly connected, and the required operating systems and software are installed. It is a time-consuming and demanding job. On the other hand, with virtualization, you can simply get productive in minutes.


Easy to recover

Virtual machines are prone to failure, just like any other hardware. Fortunately, they’re relatively easy to restore. Modern backup tools have many advanced features to keep your data protected and easily accessible in the event of a disaster. Backup simply ensures the maintenance of business continuity. Within a few minutes, we are able to restore a virtual machine, application or database.

Modernized data protection

Storware Backup and Recovery is a software solution designed to protect your data by creating backups and allowing for recovery in case of data loss. It caters specifically to businesses, offering features that suit enterprise needs. It offers a complete data protection suite, safeguarding various environments including physical servers, virtual machines, cloud storage, and containerized applications.

What is a Virtual Machine?

Virtual Machine – VM – A virtual machine is a different operating environment created within another computer. It provides the end-user with access to the same resources on the virtual machine as it would have on the primary operating system. In servers on which VMs are installed, many operating systems can operate simultaneously without affecting each other. Each self-contained virtual machine is entirely independent. They are managed by a software called a hypervisor

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How to protect your VM?

Backup of virtual servers – virtual server backups can be performed by conventional backup software. Although this is the most straightforward approach, it often leads to resource contention. The additional resources needed to execute a backup may compromise the performance of the virtual machines on the physical server being backed up.

Due to the features of most modern backup software – including snapshot management, data recovery elements, cloud support, VM protection – backups can do so much more than simply restoring data in the event of a storage or server failure.

What would you like to do now?

Under one license we give you unparalleled freedom of choice – starting from the hypervisor and ending at the backup destination. That’s the way we build future proof solutions.