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KODO for Endpoints 4.0

KODO continues its journey to protect devices such as desktops and laptops to achieve business continuity for mobile workforce data. Thanks to the Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and native data reduction mechanism (deduplication and compression), KODO guarantees an even more robust way to protect the data outside organizations data-centers.

Version 4.0 improves both the administration and the end user's side. It introduces a completely new user interface (HTML5) for more intuitive and simpler management and several updates for easier deployment & expertise like self-service restore, limits for bandwidth, etc.

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The most common reasons for data loss

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Human mistakes (deletions, overwrites of files, programs)

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Malware, ransomware attacks

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Theft of the device

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Accidental damage to the device as well as data corruption

Endpoints backup and protection

How do we cope with the endpoints protection?

Storware KODO for Endpoints is the next generation of enterprise data protection and data backup software for Windows and macOS. KODO fights against thefts, malware attacks (incl. ransomware) and human errors that can endanger your business continuity. Its robust functionalities are fundamental to both IT admins and business users.

Storware KODO provides secure data containers, which simply separate the sensitive corporate data from the private content on personal device of an employee. In fact, data containers act as the storage area that is authenticated, encrypted and managed by organization’s data protection policy provided by Storware KODO.

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“According to a recent Juniper Networks Inc. survey, 40% of workers reported using their own mobile devices for both personal and business activities; of those, 80% admitted to accessing their employer’s network without permission”.

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Discover the full potential of KODO for Endpoints

Why organizations should protect data on endpoints?

Today it is very easy to replace a damaged or obsolete device. But can we say the same about our data? Unfortunately, in most cases, lost or corrupted data that has been stored on the end devices is unrecoverable. Unless, these devices are properly protected. With KODO you get all necessary tools to do it in a simple and effective way.

How KODO is the best choice for your business?

  • On-prem setup as Virtual Appliance (or customized installation)
  • Deduplication, compression, encryption (in transfer and at rest), versioning
  • Agent backup installable with GUI or NON-GUI version on desktop (remote installation and auto deployment supported)
  • Scalable solution (setting up Kodo cluster)

Key features and functionalities of KODO for Endpoints

  • Multi-tenancy mode for hybrid organizations or MSPs (billing API included)
  • Instant restore to local PC or to original location
  • Cross-Account migration of files
  • Centralized deployment and version management RESTful API
  • Automated synchronization to protect new users automatically
  • Fast search allowing to find any file from any device

What are end user devices (endpoints)?

In this context we place all devices used by your employees that store and use data of your organization. These can be personal devices (BOYD - bring your own device trend) or the one you provide them with: PCs, laptops. In this case we all agree that data needs to be protected to ensure business continuity.


Business Continuity


Business continuity is a plan, set of tools and activities which ensure the ability to rapid restore business functions in case of various disasters. What can cause a disaster:

Regardless of the size of the company, business continuity plan is crucial. Usually business continuity is connected strictly with access to infrastructure and availability to continue key processes. However, each organization lists them in their unique way.

That’s why, within an organization, it is necessary to determine which functions are crucial for running a business when a disaster occurs. If these are areas related to trouble-free access to data or data protection – Kodo is the best solution.

Additionally, the intelligent, automatic approach to data security and the possibility of creating custom security policies save a lot of time on complicated procedures. Now we can actively optimise Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in case of disaster.

The business continuity plan is part of good practice when we need to protect resources and our infrastructure, because its security and availability is crucial for the functioning of our business.

The Most Common Causes of IT Disasters

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Nowadays, we are witnesses of the huge increase in number of employees using endpoint devices in organizations. For several years, companies significantly increased the number of workers supplying them with laptops, for instance. At the same time, we give solutions to organizations that want to implement the BYOD trend wisely.

The proper response to BYOD is definitely influencing the increase of the mobile workforce productivity, enhancing employees to be online for most of the day, being able to check the business e-mails more often, also after business hours.


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