vProtect 3.8 (Nebula) RELEASED!


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Whether you use virtual machines, containerization and cloud solutions – vProtect is the best way to protect your data. Develop your business and IT infrastructure with confidence and peace of mind.

What’s new in 3.8 release?

vProtect (Nebula*) introduces Amazon EC2 backup support with snapshot-management and file-level restore capabilities. Proxmox users will have multiple additional features including automatic backup import to the Proxmox hypervisor, disk-exclusion, snapshot-management and pre/post snapshot remote command execution. A new backup destination is added – the ability to store backups in Google Cloud Storage.

Enhanced mounted backup capabilities – ability to browse and restore backup files directly in Web UI, or share RAW-based backups over iSCSI and mount them directly in your target system (especially useful when you want to preserve Windows file permissions). RAW-based backups with NTFS file systems can now be mounted automatically as well (previously it was only manual mount).

Improved restore options – Citrix XVA-based backups are now restored as a VM automatically, RHV backups can have allocation type specified and for OpenShift/Kubernetes we added the fix for ‘restore to the specific project’ option.

Storware Insight – updated application server and data access layer for the option to automatically send vProtect logs to Storware Insight.

How does it work? vProtect sends a daily report on your vProtect instance containing: overall summary, general backup and protection statistics, license information and node status. No IP addresses or VM names are sent in the report. It is also possible to preview or upload report/logs on demand. Storware Insight is an additional technical support enhancement. It allows Storware support to react quickly when something unexpected occurred.

Improved Web UI – new list views with improved paging and filtering. Logs from remote logs can now are automatically shared with the server so that you can browse them in Web UI or download all of them with a single click.

New languages available – German and Spanish.


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  • New: Amazon EC2 – full backup with disk-exclusion support – for EC2-based VMs
  • New: Amazon EC2 – file-level restore with mountable backups
  • New: Amazon EC2 – snapshot/management
  • New: Proxmox – automatic backup import to the Proxmox hypervisor
  • New: Proxmox – file-level restore with mountable backups
  • New: Proxmox – snapshot management
  • New: Proxmox – disk exclusion for backups
  • New: Proxmox – pre/post snapshot remote command execution (post-export for VMs, post-snapshot for containers)
  • New: Google Cloud Storage support
  • New: Mounted backups – option to share RAW disks over iSCSI (for platforms that use RAW format in backups)
  • New: Mounted backups – file-level restore directly from Web UI
  • New: download-all logs feature in Web UI
  • New: option to browse logs from remote nodes in Web UI – now mounted automatically
  • New: Citrix – XVA restored as a VM
  • New: NTFS auto-mount (for RAW-based backups)
  • New: RHV – sparse/preallocated format option for restore
  • New: German and Spanish language support in Web UI
  • New: Storware Insight – automatic logs upload
  • Update: Payara 5 pplication Server and data access layer
  • Fix: Kubernetes/OpenShift – fixed restore to the specific project option


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* Codename ‘Nebula’ (interstellar cloud) – the first release that introduced support for cloud platform – AWS EC2. Additionally, we added another cloud storage backup provider – Google Cloud Storage