vProtect 3.7 (Multiverse) RELEASED!

vProtect 3.7 (Multiverse) RELEASED!

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vProtect 3.7 Multiverse – What’s new?

vProtect 3.7 (Multiverse) introduces many significant changes. First of them is snapshot management. Now you can have state of your environments being periodically saved without exporting backup itself. This comes together with new interval-based schedules that allow you to snapshot VM i.e. every hour.

“Multiverse” also relates to multiple platforms that we support and new possible sources of backup. That is basic backup/restore capabilities for Kubernetes as well as generic approach to backup any application that you can provide us script for. This means that you should be able to cover use cases such as database or hypervisor backup directly using vProtect. A good example is that vProtect DB now can be setup as an “application” that is being backed up using the settings directly from UI.

What is more, we have provided a way to deploy vProtect using Dockerfiles, introduced support for Oracle VM tags in auto-assignment of VMs, and made significant changes in UI – especially related to the concept of Policies.

Functionality and usability enhancements

  • New: Snapshot Management – for RHV/Citrix/KVM
  • New: KVM – incremental backup support
  • New: KVM – RAW file (.img) VM disk support
  • New: Kubernetes support – backup and restore of Persistent Volumes used in Kubernetes Deployments
  • New: Application backup – generic mechanism to backup any application using custom commands
  • New: automatic vProtect database backup
  • New: Oracle VM – support for tags (VM auto-assignment)
  • New: vProtect deployment using Dockerfiles
  • New: VM Backup Policies replaced VM groups
  • New: Interval-based schedules
  • New: UI – non-present VMs cleanup button
  • Fix: Schedule/VM group checkboxes race-condition – now working also in Firefox