vProtect 3.7 (Multiverse) release is coming

vProtect 3.7 (Multiverse) release is coming

Modernized Data Protection for Open VM

vProtect 3.7 (Multiverse) release is coming, and one of the key features being introduced is “application” backup support. This opens many agent-less backup scenarios by using your scripts with native application-related commands to create application-consistent backups. We asked out CSA Marcin Kubacki – why and what for?

To put that into perspective – you may now think of databases backup, hypervisor configurations or any other “application” if only you’re able to provide a script or application-related command that could create a consistent backup of your app. Obviously, later backups can be stored in any of currently supported backup providers, so you can imagine Postgres running on some physical box being backed up to S3 or some remote file system

Is there any need, In the world of the multiple numbers of the backup system, to mix all open hypervisors and application/files backup? Marcin replies smoothly:

Of course, there is! Now you have a single platform that is able to backup multiple virtualization platforms to multiple backup providers. So there is no vendor lock-in. If you need to migrate VMs to the different hypervisor, you still can use the same tool to back them up. With backup providers situation remains the same – if you would like to replace enterprise-grade backup provider with a plain file system – you still may have an option to backup your applications – just select a different target in UI. Secondly, vProtect could be a good place for centralizing backup process configuration and logic of all VMs or apps regardless of the hypervisor or backup provider. If you add 100th MySQL – it could follow the same settings as previous 99 already configured.