Storware vProtect released!

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On January 31 2022 Storware vProtect changed name to Storware Backup and Recovery. The latest release’s codename is “Fusion” and it’s 5.0 version.

Belowe you’ll find archival 3.1 release note.

Warsaw, October 6th, 2017

Storware has just released a new version (3.1) of vProtect code named New Horizons.The new release includes many novelties.

New Horizons introduces completely new web UI and CLI and more integration options with opened API. vProtect 3.1 now supports multi-node deployments managed centrally from a single console for even greater scalability.

The release also extends list of supported hypervisors with Proxmox and allows to use simultaneously the multiple backup destinations and different backup retention settings. Citrix users will now be able to use XVA compression. vProtect 3.1 introduces also significant architecture changes including new DBMS and application server.

Major functional details:

• VM-level backup and protection
• Hybrid Protection (2nd Tier can be at enterprise backup server or in the cloud)
• Multi-node support for better scalability or geographically dispersed environments
• File-level restore from VM backup• Open API for 3rd party software integration (REST API)
• VM auto-grouping based on regular expressions and tags
• Easy to use and intuitive management (HTML5 web UI and CLI)
Other features: • e-mail reporting • audit log • user management • simplified installation/update with RPMs • security enhancements

Product documentation

text written by:

Angelika Jeżewska, CMO at Storware