Storware partners with DataCore Software

Storware is proud to announce its collaboration with DataCore Software, the authority on software-defined storage. Storware Backup and Recovery now integrates with DataCore SWARM storage solutions, providing enterprise customers with a comprehensive data protection and recovery solution.

Both Storware and DataCore Software emphasize a pro-consumer and future-oriented approach to business needs, including no vendor lock-in approach and support for mixed hypervisor environments. In addition, integrating Storware Backup and Recovery with DataCore Software storage solutions provides enterprise customers with several benefits, not to mention advanced protection against ransomware.

Partnership highlights:

  • Organizations can use tiered storage to reduce storage costs, while still ensuring that backup data is easily accessible and highly available.
  • Organizations can ensure that their backup data is always available and accessible, even in the event of a storage system failure or disaster.
  • Storware Backup and Recovery provides a unified console for managing backup jobs, while DataCore Swarm provides a single view of data across multiple locations and storage types, simplifying the management of backup data.
  • With the integration, Storware Backup and Recovery can leverage DataCore Software’s high-performance storage solutions to provide faster backup and recovery times.
  • Integrating Storware Backup and Recovery with DataCore Software’s storage solutions offers a cost-effective solution, allowing enterprise customers to protect their data without breaking their budget.

I am thrilled to be working with DataCore Software as our partnership has allowed us to create a great integration with the storage infrastructure. As a result, the market, mainly customers from the enterprise sector, received a complete solution that provides extensive data protection and recovery options – comments Jan Sobieszczański, CEO of Storware. “The integration of Storware Backup and Recovery with DataCore Swarm has enabled us to offer our customers end-to-end and hassle-free data management experience, empowering them to focus on their core business objectives with the confidence that their data is secure and accessible at all times.

DataCore Swarm is a software-defined storage platform that offers a unified storage infrastructure for on-premises and cloud environments. It has a global namespace feature that presents a single view of data across multiple locations and storage types, making data migration between different storage systems and locations easier. The platform has a distributed architecture that can scale out to handle large amounts of data and advanced data services like data protection, data reduction, and data tiering to optimize storage infrastructure for performance and cost.

Through our cooperation with Storware, we can provide the market with comprehensive data protection against cyber attacks, such as ransomware. Our resellers will offer a complete, certified solution that is continuously updated through close collaboration – says Joerg Schweinsberg, Channel Director Central Europe at DataCore Software.

By integrating Storware Backup and Recovery with DataCore Swarm, organizations can ensure that their data is efficiently protected and backed up. Storware Backup and Recovery provides future-oriented backup and recovery capabilities, including incremental and differential backups, granular recovery options, and automated backup scheduling. DataCore Swarm, on the other hand, provides a highly available and scalable storage platform that can handle large amounts of backup data.

To learn about DataCore Software storage solution, please visit: DataCore Swarm.

text written by:

Angelika Jeżewska, CMO at Storware