New Storware Backup and Recovery Solution Suite. Coming in January 2022

With constantly evolving technology and the new requirements and needs of users and businesses, data protection also requires change. Fasten your seat belts because a new one is coming.

In January 2022, we’ll launch our centralized data-protection management platform for modern workloads. You can expect a unified and future-oriented data backup and recovery solution suite for virtual environments, applications working on-prem and in the cloud, Microsoft 365 users, and even business data stored on end devices.

Modular structure, scalability, focus on performance, and one universal license – we are evolving towards simplifying the complexity of backup management for small companies to enterprises. Finally, all critical business data can be protected from one place.

Don’t miss the party!

text written by:

Angelika Jeżewska, CMO at Storware