Satan strikes again!

$ 6 billion – that’s how much money every year companies around the world pay for ransomware attacks.

Recently, specialists at Fortinet have noticed changes in the super-dangerous software called “Satan”. The most important update is the addition of several exploits responsible for remote execution of web application code, which are also implemented for the Linux version. In addition, the new variant of “Satan” uses the computing power of your machine to mine cryptocurrency. The problem is that you may not even know it, and the components of your computer will work at full speed.

The ransomware-as-a-service market is developing very dynamically (unfortunately) and often the only way to avoid paying high ransom is having a data backup. Unfortunately, we live and run our companies in difficult times, where the black market of dangerous services poses a real threat. This is a very important signal that companies should not underestimate areas related to data backup, because they can pay a high price for it. And it’s not just about the ransom, but about the losses caused by the lack of business continuity.

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