Ransomware attacks 2021 – what to expect?

The specter is haunting the IT world – the specter of ransomware… It is no longer a mythical beast. If it hits, it hits hard! If the current trends and the growth of attacks are confirmed, the sum of losses caused by ransomware will exceed $ 20 billion by 2021 – according to Comparitech. Do not feed this beast. Be smarter.

Your company most probably manages some sort of cloud, virtual, and physical workloads. Rethink their protection and your Disaster Recovery plan. Because you and your employees should put trust in solutions that allow your company to seamlessly recover after a ransomware attack. Anytime. Beazley Group found that this type of attack increased by more than 130% comparing year to year. Unfortunately, it looks like it won’t get any better.

Whoever steals data, steals time, money, a sense of security, and trust. The infamous attack on the Baltimore City government shows that the cost of restoring IT infrastructure far exceeds the ransom. Cybercriminals demanded $ 76,000 and it is estimated that the cost of this attack exceeded $ 18 million.

These amounts show that data backup solutions that ensure business continuity after a disaster account for only a small percentage of the cost.

We wish you a peaceful and safe year, but in backup we trust. Drop us a line if you feel that your business data need protection.

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Some interesting statistics


– Ransomware attacks in the education sector increased by 388% between the second and third quarters of 2020. (Source: SafeAtLast)

– Cybersecurity Ventures predicts ransomware will cost $ 6 trillion annually until 2021, with an attack occurring on average every 11 seconds. (Source: SafeAtLast)

– Downtime caused by ransomware infecting a system costs organizations an average of more than $ 64,000. (SourceCoveware)

– Many healthcare institutions were attacked by ransomware in early 2019. One paid $ 75,000 to recover encrypted files. (SourceHealth IT Security)

– To recover files after a ransomware attack the city of Riviera Beach, Florida, paid the ransom of $ 600,000 in June 2019. (SourceCBS News)

– According to 2020 ransomware statistics published by the FBI (2016-2020), more than 4,000 ransomware attacks were carried out daily. The most common targets include private businesses, home users, and even government networks. (Source: FBI)