Out now: vProtect 2.6 release!

Out now: vProtect 2.6 release!

With release 2.6 (Pulsar) we have introduced file-level restore for RHV/oVirt and Oracle VM environments.Together with a possibility to stream backup directly from the file system backup provider, now users can almost instantly access specific files in VM backups.

Citrix and RHV/oVirt environments also received tag-based auto-assignment feature to simplifythe process of grouping VMs and scheduling backups.

In this version, we also added Dell-EMC Networker support, which means that currently, users haveoption to store backups in 3 enterprise-grade backup providers.

Amazon S3 backup provider also has been enhanced with secondary mode – one bucket for all data,which is required by some vendors using S3 protocol. This means that vProtect can now also useIBM Cleversafe as the backup provider.

Changes:* New: Dell-EMC Networker support* New: IBM Cleversafe support* New: Amazon S3 – single bucket mode* New: File-level restore with mountable backups (RHV/oVirt and Oracle VM)* New: VM auto-assignment based on tags (Citrix XenServer and RHV/oVirt)* New: Backup size in Virtual Machines view (web UI)

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