Managing heterogeneous virtual server environments

Nowadays, most of the companies we work with are using several different virtualization platforms. Usually, it is between 2 and 4.

We understand that every server virtualization software has its pros and cons. What to choose is a matter of different needs of companies and sometimes individual preferences. Because – as the old Polish proverb says – you don’t always have to buy an entire brewery to drink beer.

Not so long ago companies were not keen to implement multiple virtual environments because of the complexity. But now, when virtualization is gaining momentum in the IT community the need for flexibility is growing. All about making it easier for enterprises to run a mixed environment. We believe that versatility and independence are important in virtualization areas and what comes along, like backup processes.

That is why under one license we give you unparalleled freedom of choice – starting from the hypervisor and ending at the backup destination. That’s the way we build future proof solutions. Feel free to test it!

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text written by:

Pawel Maczka, CTO at Storware