IBM – Time to Shift Strategy?

IBM – Time to Shift Strategy?

The question is, why did HCL acquire several items from the IBM’s portfolio? Apart from buying Redhat by IBM, it is undoubtedly another electrifying news.

IBM, selling a part of products from its portfolio, makes it clear that in its current activity (diversification of activities) it focuses on creating something new. John Kelly, IBM senior vice president, Cognitive Solutions and Research says that what IBM is now paying attention to new solutions based on AI, IoT, blockchain, cybersecurity, hybrid cloud. This direction is definitely worth deeper exploring.

The agreement was the result of a long and close cooperation between IBM and HCL and the new approach to dynamically changing market conditions. HCL has identified key areas for the functioning and development of each organization (security, marketing, and commerce) and now has the right tools to offer innovative solutions to the market. This eventually should be a  factor that allows you to transform your business in the spirit of lean and agile philosophy. It sounds very interesting.

An important step was also the diversification of solutions that can be implemented as SaaS in the strategic departments of the organization, regardless of the sector in which they operate. This can be financial services, telecommunications, media, transport and logistics, local governments and many more.

We hope that more details will appear soon and also that it was not just the simplest way to build a competitive advantage on the market.


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