DRoVirt – open source replication module for oVirt , RHV

DRoVirt – open source replication module for oVirt , RHV

Harness the power of community! Another great initiative from the Storware team is coming up!

One of the more important principles introduced by Napoleon Hill says: Don’t act alone. Create a mastermind group. That’s the only way to make your plan bulletproof. It is also convergent with Scott Belsky thinking if you want your ideas to be realized – ask people what they think you should start doing.

GitHub project

Github project called DRoVirt has been created to address the need of Disaster-Recovery process of oVirt/RHV environments. DRoVirt’s main objective is to provide a simple way to replicate VMs running on one oVirt environment.

14th November (Wed) we want to kick off a project – please join us!  Topic: DRoVirt / Open Source Replication Module for oVirt

Time: Nov 14, 2018 3:00 PM CET  ZOOM session

Our plan is to deliver a Python-based solution that consists of 4 components:

  • Data-mover – responsible for grabbing periodically data and transferring it
  • Server/API – central management point to invoke tasks
  • Database – small DB to store current tasks
  • CLI – util for easier management of replication tasks and configuration