#backupmonster unleashed!

Storware backupmonster

“It was expected for some time, and finally arrived. Storware monster (working name Storrware) is unleashed and we all need to tame IT. Easy, to extinguish its fury we need to feed IT. So let’s feed IT with more use cases, challenges, community knowledge, and product features. IT will grow, IT will roam but what’s more important IT is to be involved in many adventures and funny situations. Follow the #backupmonster ” – wrote Pawel Maczka, Storware CTO in 2017 AD.

A lot has changed since then. Not only in what our brave Backupmonster looks like. In addition to the mission of creating the best backup solutions, he began to deal with many areas important to our well-being. Not only corporate, but also personal one. After all, the company is people who want to have a real impact on the world around us. That is why we support scientific institutions, we care about the environment, we have also become very musical… check it out for yourself!

This backup beast has become an excellent spokesman for the company and our backup products, but I would be careful about calling him the mascot. It is a serious creature that cares about data and has our entire community behind it. If he’s on duty, you don’t have to.

Backup monsters


That’s right, he had many interesting adventures, visited more than 60 countries where he successfully provided our solutions. He has also become the spiritual guardian of our video activities – kind of cute, but still has sharp teeth. Its mission to educate about the risks that can hit our business data.

Well, times change. We produce countless amounts of data which need to be protected. The fate of companies often depends on this one question: have you done a data backup? Since you are here and reading this, we have no doubt what answer you will give. May the charming smile of Backupmonster


text written by:

Angelika Jeżewska, CMO at Storware