Case Study
SocialCube's Successful Implementation of Storware Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365


SocialCube is a Polish, dynamic marketing agency specializing in serving clients within the IT sector. They help businesses to connect with their target audiences, build their brands, and drive sales through social media. SocialCube offers a wide range of services, including: social media strategy development, content creation and management, social media advertising, social media analytics, social media training.


SocialCube works with businesses of all sizes, from startups to large corporations. They have a team of experienced social media experts who are passionate about helping businesses to succeed. SocialCube’s mission is to help businesses to “connect, influence, and grow” with social media. They believe that social media is a powerful tool that can be used to build relationships with customers, attract new leads, and drive sales.

Business / Technology Challenge

SocialCube recognized the need for a robust data backup solution for nearly a hunderd Microsoft 365 users to ensure the safety of their valuable information. A copy of the data should be stored on a local file-system.

The agency generates and stores a significant amount of data every day, including high-resolution graphics and video files, client communications, and project documentation. That’s why SocialCube was looking for a solution to backup its huge amount of digital assets, emails, files shared via Microsoft OneDrive and meetings recorded via Microsoft Teams. Given the critical role these digital assets play in a company’s daily operations, data protection and recovery are of paramount importance.

SocialCube’s operations presented several challenges:

• Data Sensitivity: much of SocialCube’s data was sensitive and confidential, including client contracts and proprietary designs. Data loss or breaches could result in significant legal and reputational damage.

• Regulatory Compliance: as a marketing agency, SocialCube needed to adhere to data retention and privacy regulations, making reliable backups essential.

• Speed of operation: the backup process could not be burdensome for computers, with the possibility of restoring individual files.

• Subscription Payment Model: the payment model had to be subscription-based, which corresponds to payments for Microsoft Services


After evaluating several options, ScalaCube chooses to implement Storware Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365. Key features and benefits of Storware that responded to SocialCube needs:

• Automated Backups: Storware Backup and Recovery automatically backed up all Microsoft 365 data (Exchange, SharePoint, Onedrive and Teams) ensuring no critical information was overlooked.

• Granular Recovery: The solution allowed for granular recovery of individual files, folders, or emails, reducing downtime in case of data loss.

• Data Encryption: Storware Backup and Recovery encrypted the stored data, ensuring data security and regulatory compliance.

• Subscription Model: Storware allows payments in a subscription model.

• User-Friendly Interface: The user-friendly interface simplified the process of configuring and managing backups, making it easy even for the non-IT team to use.

• Top-notch Support: Storware’s experts configured the solution to align with SocialCube’s specific requirements. What’s more, the Storware team evaluated the company’s data storage needs, data sensitivity, and compliance requirements.

SocialCube highlights

The implementation of Storware Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365 delivered substantial benefits for SocialCube:

• Data Security: The company experienced peace of mind, knowing their critical data was securely backed up and easily recoverable.

• Reduced Downtime: In cases of data loss or accidental deletion, Storware Backup and Recovery allowed for swift, granular recovery, minimizing downtime.

• Regulatory Compliance: SocialCube met data retention and privacy regulations, avoiding potential legal issues.

• Improved Efficiency: The user-friendly interface and automated backups reduced the IT team’s administrative workload, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.

• Enhanced Reputation: SocialCube’s commitment to data security and reliability enhanced its reputation, attracting new clients from the IT sector.

SocialCube’s implementation of Storware Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365 proved to be a pivotal decision in ensuring the security, compliance, and efficiency of their data management. By safeguarding their digital assets, they were able to concentrate on delivering high-quality marketing services to their IT sector clients, ultimately strengthening their position in the industry.

Bartosz Bredy

VP, Sales and Administration at SocialCube

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