Case Study
A technology company that provides private cloud infrastructure solutions for the most varied segments


DataCone is a forward-thinking organization of data specialists dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions related to data, including data security, access, management, hardware solutions, cloud services, validation, and more.

Business / Technology Challenge

DataCone needed a Microsoft 365 backup solution for the constantly growing number of users and the services they use: Exchange, OneDrive and Sharepoint. As a data specialist organization dealing with various data types, including sensitive client information, project documentation, and internal data, their need for data protection and recovery was paramount.

Compliance with data retention and privacy regulations was essential to avoid legal consequences and maintain trust with clients. Additionally, in the face of evolving cybersecurity threats, ensuring data security was a critical concern. The risk of data loss, whether due to accidental deletion, cyberattacks, or system failures, posed a significant threat to their daily operations and client support, making a robust Microsoft 365 backup solution imperative to safeguard their invaluable data assets.


• DataCone wanted to store its backups in Azure Blob Storage.

• The software should allow for easy addition of new users as well as automatic protection for new users.

• As a company working with sensitive client data, DataCone needed to adhere to strict data retention and privacy regulations.

• Quick and easy access to archived data was crucial for ongoing business operations and client support.

• Robust security measures, like: MFA and RBAC.


Recognizing the need for a comprehensive data backup and recovery solution, DataCone chose to implement Storware Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365, integrated with Azure Blob Storage. Key features and benefits of Storware Backup and Recovery with Azure Blob Storage:

• Seamless Integration: Storware Backup and Recovery integrated seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and Azure Blob Storage, making it a comprehensive solution for data protection.

• Security: Storware provides Multi-factor Authentication and Role-Based Access Control.

• Data Retention and Compliance: DataCone could configure backup retention policies to comply with specific regulatory requirements.

• Granular Recovery: The ability to recover data at the granular level meant reduced downtime and faster restoration of essential information.

• Automatic protection for new users added to an organization.

DataCone Highlights:

The implementation of Storware Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365 with Azure Blob Storage yielded several significant benefits for DataCone:

• Data Security: MFA and RBAC are reducing the risk of data breaches and enhancing security posture.

• Regulatory Compliance: The solution allowed DataCone to meet data retention and privacy regulations, avoiding potential legal repercussions.

• Improved Efficiency: Granular recovery minimized downtime in case of data loss, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

• Enhanced Data Accessibility: DataCone could access archived data quickly and efficiently, streamlining their operations and client support.

Storware Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365 with Azure Blob Storage integration has been a great solution for us. We now have peace of mind knowing that our data is always protected. Storware is also very easy to use and cost-effective.

Przemysław Tworzyański

Sales Manager at DataCone

Storware Backup and Recovery is an enterprise-grade, agent-less data protection solution that caters to various data environments. It supports virtual machines, containers, storage providers, Microsoft 365, and applications running on-premises or in the cloud. Storware Backup and Recovery is a popular choice for enterprise organizations of all sizes. It is a reliable and scalable solution that can help you protect your data from a wide range of threats.