vProtect 3.9 Quasar: new features and improvements

vProtect 3.9 (Quasar) is a major release adding officially support for VMware and Hyper-V virtualization platforms. Both full and incremental backups are supported and it also allows you to restore individual files.

“Quasar” release introduces many compelling changes, including:

Recovery Plans – second huge improvement, for all supported platforms we introduce Recovery Plans. Now, you’ll be able to define rules, how and where multiple VMs should be restored when you need DR. You also are able to schedule them and restore set of VMs periodically to your test locations, to be sure that you’re able to restore them if you need to.

Application backup improved – Quasar release introduced several build-in application backup templates for common use cases ready to be used. You also are now able to parametrize you command execution configurations to force set of parameters that are required for you command or script. Application restore will also provide several option how to cope with automatic archive extraction or overwrite existing files.

Good news for Amazon users  – now S3 backup provider allows to enable extended retention for stored backups and change storage class for oldest objects to Glacier giving you option to reduce your storage costs significantly.

RHV/oVirt/OLVM users – boost backups with netcat transfer and for SSH transfer mode, restore operations now use direct connection instead of Disk Image Transfer API.

Simplified configuration process – this release also improves Web UI especially in configuration related activities, adds restore history and improves task console and many more.


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vProtect 3.9 architecture

vProtect 3.9 detailed changes:

  • New: VMware – official release – significant changes in integration layer
  • New: VMware – restore – target disk format selection
  • New: VMware – added Hot-Add transfer option if available
  • New: VMware – support for tag-based policy auto-assignment
  • New: Hyper-V – full/incremental backup
  • New: Hyper-V – snapshot management
  • New: Hyper-V – file-level restore with mountable backups
  • New: Hyper-V – option to share drives over iSCSI
  • New: Recovery Plans – batch VM restore for DR
  • New: Recovery Plans – periodic VM restore for DR tests
  • New: Mountable backups – option to mount QCOW2 with NTFS file systems
  • New: Restore operation – option to delete VM (if one already exists with the same name)
  • New: Application backup – command execution configuration parameters
  • New: Application backup – templates and ready scripts for several common use cases
  • New: Application backup – option to clone applications and command execution configurations
  • New: Application backup – automatic archive extraction and option to overwrite
  • New: Application backup – option to ignore error codes or standard error output for user-provided scripts
  • New: OpenStack – Ceph-based storage support
  • New: RHV/oVirt/OLVM – netcat transfer option
  • New: RHV/oVirt/OLVM – SSH transfer – restore operation now also over SSH
  • New: Swift – compression support
  • New: Dell-EMC Avamar support
  • New: AWS Glacier support
  • New: Storware Insight – detailed backup status to reporting option
  • New: Ansible playbooks for installation
  • New: UI – configuration wizard
  • New: UI – task console improvements
  • New: UI – global search for quick access to any item
  • New: UI – restore jobs history

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