vProtect 3.6 (Stardust) – new release

vProtect 3.6 (Stardust) – new release

Storware proudly announces a new release of vProtect 3.6, code named “Stardust”. Current release enhances file system backup destination with VDO deduplication. One can say that VDO literally “turns data into dust” and can be enabled directly from UI.

KVM-standalone users will also benefit with pre/post snapshot command execution and ability to import VM back to the hypervisor. As the GDPR is already effective, we implemented encryption option for S3, Azure and file system backup destinations.

vProtect 3.6 also introduces also many smaller (resembling stardust again),but long-awaited features such as LDAP authentication, detailed time statistics for backups, improved dashboard, or VM auto-assignment based on hypervisor clusters.

What are the major changes?:

  • File system backup destination – deduplication with VDO
  • FS/S3/Azure backup destinations – data encryption
  • LDAP authentication
  • RHV/oVirt/KVM/Xen/XenServer – option to set restored VM name
  • RHV/oVirt optimized snapshot for selected disks only
  • KVM/Xen – LVM VG scanning (Hypervisor Storage)
  • VM auto-assignment based on cluster
  • Web UI – improved dashboard
  • Web UI – additional backup statistics: size and time in VM details

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