Storware Backup and Recovery 6.1 Released

Storware is thrilled to announce the release of Storware Backup & Recovery 6.1. The latest version introduces an array of new features and enhancements that cater to the diverse needs of its user base. OpenStack administrators, VMware enthusiasts, OpenNebula users, and Microsoft 365 subscribers are in for a treat with the following key improvements:

Storware 6.1 – what’s new?

→ For OpenStack administrators, Storware Backup & Recovery 6.1 introduces the much-requested Instant Restore feature, providing the ability to quickly recover data, minimizing downtime. Additionally, users can now configure more than one Ceph cluster per Availability Zone for enhanced flexibility. The release also includes basic snapshot management for cinder volumes.

→ For VMware environments, this release brings support for distributed switches, while OpenNebula users receive support for QCOW2-based VM disks.

→ Microsoft 365 subscribers will appreciate the significant performance boost during backup operations and the convenience of a brand-new restore wizard for easier data recovery.

→ In this release, Tape Manager gains the capability to support multiple tape drives per backup destination, providing improved performance and greater configuration flexibility.

→ Robust Server-Side Enhancements: Storware Backup & Recovery Version 6.1 includes substantial server-side changes. The virtualization platforms and backup destinations’ detailed views have been reorganized to include job history and additional charts, offering administrators a more comprehensive view of their backup activities. It is worth emphasizing that all warnings are now displayed in the notification center. Furthermore, this version introduces the ability to log in using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with Keycloak for enhanced security.

→ Additional Enhancements for a Seamless Experience: Version 6.1 doesn’t stop there. It introduces certificate management sections for virtualization providers, a dedicated reporting tab for OS Agents, and numerous other smaller improvements aimed at delivering a better user experience.

I’m proud that Storware Backup and Recovery 6.1 focuses even more on data security. We now offer users quite a range of features, such as: Linux-based installation, Isolayer – Air-Gap Backup, Immutable Backup Destination, Retention Lock, RBAC, Access Management, and Keycloak – MFA, ensuring your data is fortified and safeguarded against evolving threats., said Jan Sobieszczanski, CEO of Storware.


Storware 6.1 high level architecture:

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text written by:

Angelika Jeżewska, CMO at Storware