Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure Backup and Recovery

Storware Backup and Recovery empowers individuals and service providers using Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure to get or offer robust, scalable, and flexible data protection solutions to their customers. This simplifies data management for service providers and ensures business continuity for their customers.

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Storware for Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure

Features for Disk Attachment Backup Strategy with Generic Incremental Option:

  • Supported Platforms: Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 4.7, QEMU 2.1+
  • Incremental backup
  • File-level restore
  • VM disk exclusion
  • Quiesced snapshot (Hypervisor dependent)
  • Pre/post snapshot command execution
  • Disk backups can be shared over iSCSI
  • Name-based policy assignment
  • Tag-based policy assignment
  • Available space for snapshot check (Hypervisor dependent)

Highlights of Storware Data Protection for Virtuozzo Environments

Simplified Backup for Virtual Machines (VMs)

Storware offers agentless backups, eliminating the need to install additional software on each VM. This simplifies deployment and management for service providers managing numerous VMs across their Virtuozzo cloud environment.

Subscription-based Backup as a Service (BaaS)

By integrating with Virtuozzo, Storware allows service providers to easily offer BaaS as part of their service portfolio. This enables them to provide their customers with data protection for their VMs within the Virtuozzo cloud infrastructure under a single subscription model.

Flexible Storage Options

Storware supports various backup destinations, including local storage, cloud storage (like S3), and tape drives. This flexibility allows service providers to cater to different customer needs and budget constraints when it comes to data protection.


Storware scales seamlessly with the growth of the Virtuozzo cloud environment. As service providers add more customers and VMs, Storware can handle the increased backup demands.

Transparent Licensing and Costs Optimization

The easiest licensing without hidden costs.

Admin-oriented Features for Virtuozzo Backup and Recovery

Set and Forget Automation

automate container protection with custom or predefined backup policies. Test backup automatically to ensure recoverability.

Disaster Recovery

Storware’s multi-location storage capabilities can be leveraged for disaster recovery purposes. Backups can be stored offsite, ensuring data availability even in case of a disaster at the primary location within the Virtuozzo cloud.

Security and Reporting

role-based access control gives administrators greater control over security and an advanced reporting system to evaluate the size and time of backup/restore operations.


highly-responsive 24/7 global support and the Storware Insight option. Storware Insight is an additional technical support enhancement. It sends a daily report on your instance so that our support can react quickly when something unexpected occurs.

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Stop Sweating Backups: Secure Your Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure with Storware. Simplify data protection with Storware’s agentless, all-in-one backup and recovery solution, built for the flexibility of Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure