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Webinar announcement

Webinar announcement

WEBINAR: Microsoft Office 365 backup with KODO for Cloud & IBM Spectrum Protect

Securing Office 365 business-critical data is your sole responsibility. Learn how to do it in the best way. Do not let infrastructure outages, human mistakes or security threats harm your business continuity.

Register here:

WHEN: May 15, 2019 3:00 PM (CEST)

Speakers and schedule:

  • Product presentation (15 min) – Paweł Staniec, Chief Technology Architect at Storware
  • Demo live show (15 min) – Patryk Bobak, Professional Services Architect at Storware
  • QA – 10 minutes


Microsoft Office 365 is a service that is rapidly gaining market share. There are now over 120 million business users, and this number will continue to grow steadily. Using Office365 means that a significant amount of your business data is stored in the cloud. Come to listen and learn how KODO for Cloud with IBM Spectrum Protect efficient protect and recover your cloud services data.