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vProtect Guide – Initial Configuration Wizard

The Configuration Wizard makes the launch and setup of vProtect fast and easy. Even if you are logging into vProtect for the first time, and what’s more, you have never had backup software before, our wizard will be a great guide for you. It will lead you through a series of simple steps to integrate vProtect into the IT environment.

Instead of clicking through individual tabs, you can use the wizard’s help and at the same time learn what information you will need to configure and automate activities related to backup, snapshot management or recovery tests.

Let’s take a look at how it works in practice.


What is vProtect Configuration Wizard?

The configuration wizard was originally introduced in vProtect 3.9. Since then, it has been constantly improved to give users the best possible experience.


Sample screens:

Steps Example screen
To launch the Configuration Wizard, click the button.
Now go through all the steps, fill in the fields with the appropriate data.
vProtect gives you many options for choosing a hypervisor and a backup destination.

When you want to change something in your data center, you don’t have to replace our backup and recovery solution.

The next steps will allow you to plan where and at what frequency data will be backed up.
Remember not to create bottlenecks when scheduling.
We’re almost done.
That’s all – time for testing.