• Instant Restore for OpenStack


    In today’s data-driven world, businesses rely heavily on their OpenStack clouds to store and manage critical information. However, with the ever-increasing volume and complexity of data, protecting against data loss and ensuring rapid recovery in the event of a disaster is paramount. This is where Storware’s Instant Restore for OpenStack comes in as a revolutionary […]

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  • Storware’s New Licensing Revolution


    We are thrilled to unveil a significant update to our licensing model – a move driven by the dynamic needs of our esteemed Partners and Customers. Our commitment to delivering adaptable and efficient solutions has led us to introduce changes that will revolutionize the way you approach data management. Without further ado, let’s dive into […]

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  • The Role of AI and Machine Learning in Data Protection 


    Data is the lifeblood of any organization. A secure database is the most minor thing a company can do for itself and its customer base.  Data breaches pose significant threats to companies, ranging from reputation damages to legal penalties. A 2023 IBM report stated that, on average, a data breach costs $4.45M. Even more shocking […]

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  • High Availability vs. Fault Tolerance vs. Disaster Recovery


    In today’s technology-driven world, system availability is more critical than ever. System downtime can result in significant financial losses, damage to a business’s reputation, and even legal consequences. Therefore, businesses must invest in systems that ensure high availability, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery. But what exactly are these systems, and how do they differ? This […]

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OpenStack is more than virtualization, so what?

There is a lot of misunderstanding around OpenStack. Some people equate it with a virtualization…

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OpenStack components explanation
Getting Started with OpenStack - Components and Data Resiliency

OpenStack is one of the most complex open-source projects. But it can hardly be otherwise…

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Agentless Data Protection for Huawei FusionCompute

There aren't many solutions that support agentless data protection for Huawei FusionCompute environments. However, we…

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Where is Green IT Going? World Oceans Day 2021

It is estimated that in a minute, Google searches generate 500 kg of CO2. This,…

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Microsoft Hyper-V - In the Shade of VMware

Microsoft Hyper-V has for years held second place on the list of hypervisors, beaten only…

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It's time to discuss the shift from Oracle VM to Oracle Linux VM
Oracle Bets on KVM-based Virtualization.

Six months ago, Oracle adopted a new course for their virtualization strategy. The innovations they…

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One backup solution which is Storware vProtect can serve multiple commercial and open hypervisors
Using not just one type of hypervisor? A challenge for backup providers

Companies are increasingly interested in using free tools for server virtualization. However, while this choice…

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Open Source oVirt-based VMs and how to backup them?

oVirt VMs backup strategies may be more or less effective depending on the customer's IT…

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Storware and XCP-ng technology alliance

Storware is proud to announce a technology alliance with XCP-ng! XCP-ng is a fully open-source…

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vProtect Guide - Recovery Plans

With vProtect it is possible not only easily automate backup but also recovery processes. This…

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vProtect Guide - VM TAGS

vProtect allows you to use tags to customize interactions and simplify the work of system…

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vProtect 3.9 Quasar: new features and improvements

vProtect 3.9 (Quasar) is a major release adding officially support for VMware and Hyper-V virtualization…

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