Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery

Storware provides the most affordable, enterprise-ready data protection standard for OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Microsoft Teams. Our agentless, Linux-based installation and advanced security features set the foundation for shielding your business from potential data loss. Trust Storware to keep your business data protected and always accessible.

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Why should you backup your Microsoft 365 data?

Microsoft 365 (former Office 365) provides companies with numerous useful applications and services, but backup and disaster recovery of business data is still the client’s responsibility. Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams store enormous amounts of information. Data kept in applications operating in the cloud should be subject to protection, as they are much more susceptible to:

  • human mistakes, both accidental and malicious,
  • overwriting of data,
  • malware or ransomware attacks,
  • data loss through expired licenses,
  • cloud infrastructure outage.

Storware for Microsoft 365 - solution highlights

Instant restore to local PC or to Office 365 cloud

Instant restore to the cloud or locally. Granular restore (OneDrive files, Exchange Online mailboxes, Contacts, Calendars, Exchange Archive mailboxes, and SharePoint items )

Scalable architecture and RESTful API

Open API for 3rd party software integration (REST API) and multi-agent support for better scalability or geographically dispersed environments

Flexible retention and backup schedules

Set up backup schedules and data retention policies according to your needs. Take advantage of “incremental forever” backup strategy to save storage space and reduce backup time.

Automatic protection of new users

Automatic synchronization with auto-assign accounts to the backup policy for full backups.

Granular and point-in-time restore

Granular recovery feature allows to recover particular folders, lists, libraries, emails or documents – with point-in-time restore option – without having to restore Exchange mailboxes or SharePoint sites in their entirety.

Azure Blob Storage support

Take advantage of native Microsoft Azure Blob Storage support, which provides unlimited storage scalability for Microsoft 365 backups.

How does Storware support Microsoft 365 backup?

The growing adoption of Microsoft 365 services and applications makes it necessary for a business client to use cost-effective, fast and reliable data backup. Losing access to the data that was in the cloud, without having backups, in many cases leads to bankruptcy of the company. Storware provides continuous protection for critical business data, file versioning, optional compression and deduplication. Additionally multi-tenancy mode (multiple Storware organizations) with a billing feature for large enterprises or Manage Service Providers (backup as a service offering).

Use Storware to secure Microsoft 365 data, here’s why:

  • Linux based installation with all security features
  • On-prem setup as Virtual Appliance (or customized installation);
  • Scalable solution (adding agents, setting up Storware cluster);
  • Store backups on the file system or using Azure Blob Storage;
  • Quick search to find any file from Office 365;
  • Easy licensing model (per mailbox);

Choose future-oriented solution

In all circumstances, we ensure data availability and business continuity at every level for multi-format data.


Get full advantage of continuous business data protection with compression, deduplication, and file versioning features. Store your backups in your file system or using the easily scalable object storage from Microsoft (Azure Blob Storage). With Storware you get the whole package of necessary tools to reach the highest performance and safety requirements of your business data workflow.